At least one student of Jordan Peterson has broached this topic. 


One of the responders to the posting, ozymandamus goes on to provide an initial comparison between Peterson and Bly.:...

I wondered when this book would pop up. It was huge - a cultural phenomenon (as someone who was an adult way back in 1990). I've often thought that Peterson's sudden rise is not dissimilar to what Bly experienced with this book (though he was by the 90s already an accomplished poet).

He's heavily influenced by Jung as well, but unlike Peterson Bly's work was focused solely on male myths and social maturation. Peterson's message of course resonates with both men and women. The "men's movement" it spawned petered out rather quickly, later supplanted by more religion men's movements such as promise keepers, which was also short-lived but earnest in purpose.

I suspect Peterson's message will be more enduring; it's more universal and addresses so much more than the male identity. We'll see what happens.

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