CLICK HERE to get a free audio download of "The Human Shadow" by Robert Bly this week only (as of Monday, April 28)

Through poetry, music and storytelling, Robert Bly takes us on a thought provoking and entertaining journey captured by this extraordinary live audio program recorded at the Open Center in New York City.

Bly says parents make it clear there are certain parts of us they don’t like, ’you’re too noisy’ … One image is to say we take that part and put it into a bag. Our independence and feeling goes into the bag, the bag is getting heavy and two miles long…You could say we spend our life until we’re 20 deciding what to put into the bag, and we spend the rest of our life trying to get it out again."

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Running Time: 160 minutes

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  • Thanks for the heads-up Bonnie :)

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    This is wonderful!

  • I had no problem clicking on the "click here to get free audio download"...thanks much! Looking forward to this unexpected gift.
  • Thanks, again, Bonnie. Got it.

  • Thank you, Bonnie!

  • Thank you so much for all you do!  Just exquisite <3

  • My fault, everyone! So sorry. The link I embedded didn't take the first time and I didn't notice. It's now in the first sentence of the post where it says "CLICK HERE to get..." or you can go straight to

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  • Thank you, Jenna. Got it...
    Hit the blue words/link "Author Bio and Links" which is under and end of description paragraph. It will send you to another page for Better Listen. At the top right of that page is a box to get download and cart. Click your way through and fill out info. Free! Excellent. Thanks. Good luck,
  • Bonnie, Where is the "Add to Cart" button, please?

    • I just found it by clicking on the blue phrase "Author Bio and Links" above.

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