Hi all. Just a little shameless sharing—hope you all will do the same with your own news! I've created a category in the Forum so that when you post you can choose (below your post) "News/Announcements/Achievements/Notices" to share any kind of personal news you feel is fitting....

It always brings a little glimmer of joy to see one's words in print, as many of you here know. Just received my Spring 2015 issue of Quadrant: Journal of try C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology which contains my article, "Borders and Belonging: Archetypal and Ecological
Aspects of 'Home' in 'Homer’s Odyssey'. "

Here's the abstract if you're interested:
The legendary Greek story of Odysseus contains deeply archetypal images of exile and homecoming. In the process of discerning home, we discover that the boundaries we establish in order to feel safe, or to maintain the status quo, create the shape of our lives. These boundaries are dynamic, alive, and constantly shifting, and when they are defended, crossed, or penetrated, something changes. Disorientation resulting from the loss of memory of place, tradition, or ancestors can be devastating, while creating space for memories and reflection is conducive to witnessing an ecology of the self in which consciousness around longing can bring us into right relations with nature, earth, and “other.” As we learn through Odysseus, interdependence, the hunger for connection, and the process of coming home can result in regeneration of self and constant new knowing.

Here's a link to Quadrant's web page: http://www.cgjungny.org/quadrant.html

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