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Hello everybody! Sharing my new interview by Dr. Dave Van Nuys on Shrink Rap Radio: "Exploring Archetypal Patterns with Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti" (Thanks Dr. Dave!).

Check it out. I welcome your comments and questions:

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  • Good morning Michael - just to let you know that the link you provide above comes up as 'not found' within Dr. Dave's Shrink Rap Radio site, however, there is hope - see above.  Regards Linda 


    This is the new working link. I am going to write a comment when I hear it.

    • Good morning Aleksandar - thank you so much for providing a 'working' link to this interview which I was able to access and listen to today.  Regards Linda

    • I'm back. Some interesting (in my opinion) authors who were talking about patterns from the opposite side of psyche (how stuff works in the world we perceive) are David Bohm (implicate and explicate order), Martin Buber (I and It (the world of parts and precise and unchangeable definition) vs. I and Thou (the world of wholeness, changes, and relations)), Arthur Schopenhauer (but, even though I am frequently disgusted with our collective behavior, I think he was too pessimistic with his opinion that this is the worst possible world) about the will, and Robert Rosen. I just can't say enough of nice things about Robert Rosen. His approach to anticipation (metabolism, self-repair, and replication causing causal loops - something like the field in that interview) isn't just about life and biology (though he provided quite a big step in understanding what makes us different from machines), but also about thinking and behaving individually and collectively. It's a qualitatively big difference whether you treat yourself and other people like a machine destined to behave the same way until it falls apart or an anticipatory and adaptive system capable and willing to understand and respond to the future.

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