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Nathan Ehrlich M.A. is a freelance multimedia Journalist. After attaining his Masters degree from the Columbia Journalism School he very quickly realized his style was not suited to the rapid daily news cycle and became more attracted to making longer form and meditative human interest pieces. He is currently working on a feature-length documentary, The Wounded Healer, a film about the New York City based photographer, instrumentalist, shaman, and agoraphobic, Michael Reed. He is also working on a first novel based on his life called, Jeremy’s Journal, a story told through the diaries of a teenage boy diagnosed with Leukemia.
His work has appeared, among other places, in the Boston Globe, Backpacker Magazine, Audubon Magazine, and the podcast, Israel Story. When Ehrlich is not producing journalism he is working as a paralegal, training to be a therapist, traveling, and attending healing ceremonies. He lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with his wife Shula, and female cats, Apple and Tigresse.

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David Van Nuys, PhD
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  • Wow, that was a really amazing read!  Really touched me deeply.  Really resonated with my own experience.  Thanks for posting!  Will check out your show!  Nathan seems to have TMS, which is an akronym that refers to psychosomatic effects of shadow material.  We talk about it in our own book which is based on our own shamanic type of healing journey on page 146 (151 in PDF).  Here's the direct link David 

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