I invite you to listen to an interview on "Dream Patterning" with Dr. Michael Conforti of Assisi Institute as we discuss powerful archetypal ways to understand what the Unconscious is saying through dreams (36 mins)--(Attention: Large file--Please allow 1-2 minutes for download)

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  • Thank you for posting this interview, Bonnie.  I really liked the distinction you made between associations we make to a dream image as  possibly reflecting our own complexes versus inquiry into the actual archetypal nature of the image itself, beyond our usual, conscious awareness. (Did I say this right?)

    Also, I found Dr. Conforti's remark that the image is a representative of the field gave me  a better sense of the innate or transcendent nature of the archetypes in their own terms, or as Yoram may say, the objective existence of the image and archetypal field it represents.

    How to come into relationship with these archetypal energies on their own terms, without projecting our own contents, is a life's work it seems.  Hope to hear more about this from you!


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