New Book, a few free

The Book: A Novel Calling

I want to offer a free copy of my book to a few people who are likely to appreciate what it is about. Highly influenced by depth psychology and active imagination, it is a modern  "hero's journey," in the Jungian sense.

As i see it, people who are intuitive and aware of the psyche below personality may, I think will, enjoy the story. Hope so.

I would like to offer more, but for the moment, I can offer to send a free print copy to the first four people who provide me with an address. One can read the first two chapters of "The Book: A Novel Calling," by Leo Nation by "looking inside" at Amazon, Kindle or Print.

Since I don't know yet how this system works, here is my email address for book requests: I would love to know how members of the Alliance receive the story.

I have two names: Leo Nation, pen name, which emerged from the telling of the story, and Gerald Landrum, the one I was given at birth.

Thank you very much, Gerry aka Leo


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