Just got my copy of a new book “America on the Couch: Psychological Perspectives on American Politics and Culture” —hot off the press from Pythia Peay. My interview with Pythia, “Hungry and Homeless, Like the Bees” starts on p. 250.

Here's the list of people Pythia interviewed for the book—an impressive effort, to be sure:
Stephen Aizenstat
John Beebe
Bonnie Bright
Gary S. Bobroff
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Philip Cushman
Larry Decker
Raymond De Young
Edward Edinger
Michael Eigen
Stephen J. Foster
Charles Grob
Bud Harris
A. Chris Heath
James Hillman
Judith V. Jordan
Donald Kalsched
Robert J. Langs
Linda Schierse Leonard
Harriet Lerner
Robert Jay Lifton
A. Thomas McLellan
Thomas Moore
Ginette Paris
Mary Pipher
Ernest Rossi
Andrew Samuels
Erel Shalit
June Singer
Thomas Singer
Lawrence Staples
Murray Stein
Charles B. Strozier
Paul Wachtel
Karen B. Walant
Marion Woodman
Luigi Zoja

And here's a note from the Publisher, Martin Rowe of Lantern Books:

I'm the publisher of this book and its companion volume, AMERICAN ICARUS, and I'd thought I'd share a few thoughts about the book. COUCH demonstrates the wisdom of waiting, as well as dedicating oneself to a line of inquiry over many years. It contains revised and updated interviews with 37 Jungian and archetypal psychologists on different aspects of the United States of America, conducted over twenty years. Some of these psychologists—such as James Hillman and Edward Edinger—are no longer with us; some could reflect on what they said years previously and update or reexamine their theories and theses. In editing this book, I was struck by the ebb and flow of time and history—how similar and how different things were, how constant were the anxieties and pathologies that have affected Americans in two hundred years, and how hard it is within the everyday to discern the eternal verities from the momentarily striking but essentially ephemeral. For all the baffled and irritated lamentations about the addictions, betrayals, and failures of the USA to live up to its creeds, COUCH is a deeply patriotic, deeply American book—as expansive, rich, feisty, and energetic as the country it discusses.

...and more here from Martin Rowe on the story of how this book came into being...

I am honored to be part of this remarkable effort from Pythia to bring wisdom from so many sources together in one place. If you feel inclined, check it out on Amazon. It's also available on Kindle...

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