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- Oceanside Trek Journey Map -

Symbols: natural driftwood beach altar, fire, ocean, moon
Environmental Archetypes: Burning driftwood as ritual, moon worship

New Story: "ManPipe and the Ocean Clan. New Myth #39." "Myth Lab 2 - Imprinting the Transition for the New Mythology."

Sound Archetype: oceans waves, sparks popping from fire (physical to spiritual transmutation)

Sound Myth: “listening to the evidence from the apocalypse" by The Chaos Era. Sound Myth #7

Research: "Journey Mapping - Sound Archetypes and the New Mythology" with Research Questions

- Sound Myth Segments -

Shore Songs
Inlet Creek Wading
Natural Driftwood Beach Altar
Fire Prayers
Moon Rise
Seabirds Call
Ocean Meditation
Ocean Camp


Oceanside Trek - Sound Myth #8” by the chaos era. produced by willi paul & planetshifter.com.pdf

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