"Permaculture Willi and the New Town Square" - A Community Myth Writing Workshop by Willi Paul & Planetshifter.com. Sponsored by the Permaculture Skills Center - Sebastopol, CA

Video Invitation: Watch it here!

A Benefit: For the Inter-Church Food Pantry

Admittance: Free with Canned Food Donation

Address: Permaculture Skills Center, 2185 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Date: May 12th

Time: 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Description: Participants will discover the elements of the new mythology and collaborate on what a new town square could be in 2040. The group assignment is to write a new myth (short story) thru the eyes of 13-year-old "Perm Willi" about their findings and visions.

This is a design / dream work for the new generation, family and Kid-friendly! Willi's work in permaculture, mythology and resilience will be explored. Please see his New Myths and Academia.edu Portfolio for a catalyst.

Key Concepts: Community, Sacred, Archetype, sound archetype, resilience, spirit, ritual, alchemy, sacrifice, symbol

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About: The Permaculture Skills Center
Information: Belén Lopez-Grady, 707 - 614 - 7382; belen at permacultureskillscenter.org

About: Willi Paul
Contact: willipaul1 at gmail.com

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Permaculture Willi and the New Town Square - A Community Myth Writing Workshop by Willi Paul & Planetshifter.com .pdf

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