Christina Lepore is a mental health worker and passionate advocate in supporting mental health initiatives and care for over 25 years. Her knowledge is exemplified through her lived experience with Complex PTSD. Her life’s mission is to utilize all the skills she’s mastered over the decades to help others improve their quality of life. Christina’s journey has been published and shared online at The Mighty and Elephant Journal, where she recently received recognition for her writing. She is a collaborative author in the international best selling book Courage for Freedom in the area of Personal Transformation. Christina is currently writing a Memoir entitled Frozen in Time, about her lifelong experience living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and PTSD and how she healed with the use of EMDR, while also writing a daily motivational of poetry and prose to give hope to those with mental health issues. Christina also hosts a Facebook forum blog called Trauma Queen to be a voice for those who struggle to speak for themselves.  Her life long goal is to have trauma informed care and mental health courses in every school, church,Doctor’s office, Police Department to the highest judges in the land, with a focus on the ACE study, Trauma Informed Care and the epidemic of childhood trauma, why we ignore the evidence and the long term implications on physical and mental health, now and in the future.

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