Marion Woodman's Dancing In The Flames: Reading Workshop

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 6:00pm -Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT

Online Zoom Group
Join us for an 8 week workshop on Marion Woodman's book
Dancing In The Flames: The Dark Goddess in The Transformation of Consciousness.

Hosted by: Alexis Durgee M.S., PhD student at Pacifica, Jungian Psychotherapist @AlchemicalToil 

Format includes weekly lecture, discourse and discussion joined by professionals in the depth psychology field (See below).

Come explore the nature of the dark goddess as she manifests in the healing journeys of both women and men, and her vital role in psyche coming to consciousness. Learn how to work with your own opposites, do proper shadow work, and amplify your images.

We will explore, in depth, this challenging book, and together, we will raise it up to the now. This group was created in honor of Marion Woodman's iconic work within the Jungian psychology discipline.

Video conference workshop details:
Zoom video conferences are really cool in that if you are anxious you can choose to remain off video and off mic if you rather, or you can be fully engaged. Its up to you! When you log on, your videos and mics are muted, so you don't have to worry about popping on and feeling exposed. Note that I will ask you to introduce yourself and if you prefer, you can do so via the text chat.
**This will be psychoeducational and not process oriented nor serve as group therapy due to the trauma involved in depth process work.

***COVID-19: The organizers are aware of the current circumstances and remain sensitive to the time and space being called upon for this event. A decision was made to go forward with the hopes that it will help provide some form of community, accessible in-home. The best the case scenario would be that we meet with a good enough resolve prior to start date. Financial concern during this time is high, and awareness of this was factored in to allow for an initial deposit with full amount due before start to receive the link.

This is an 8 week group that will meet every Wednesday evening via Zoom video conference. (Recordings only available for registrants when absent.)

-Weekly Schedule-

1. 4/22/20: Ritual Opening - Ch. 1 "The Fierce & Loving Goddess: The Great Mother & Eclipse of the Goddess" with Ash Compton, MSW, Psychotherapist

2. 4/29/20: ( Ch. 1 Cont: Black Madonna & The Light in Matter) and "A Heart in Balance: Beyond Duality" with Danielle DiBenedetto, Psychotherapist & Vedic Astrologer

3. 5/6/20: (Ch 2. Cont: Judgement of Maat & Building Subtle Body) and "Telling it Like It Is part 1: Men's Dreams" with Nate Hutchins, MSW, Psychotherapist

4. 5/13/20: (Ch.3 Cont: part 2) The Dreams of Men: The Horned God and The Goddess" with Faranak Mirjalili, Jungian Analyst

5. 5/20/20: "And a Crone Shall Lead Them All" with Susan Davis Martin, M.A. MFT Psychotherapist

6. 5/27/20: "The Rose in The Fire" with Sean McPeak, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

7. 6/3/20: "Chaos and Creativity" with Becca Tarnas, PhD, Archetypal Astrologer, Editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology

8. 6/10/20: Ritual Closing - "Where Three Dreams Cross: The Eye of The Beholder" with Gary Bobroff, M.A, Author and Founder of Jungian Online
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