reinforcements Interviews 2014 – 2016:

Spirit Healing | Permaculture & Nature | Transition Movement| New Mythology.

eBook 28 by Willi Paul

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Spirit Healing -

Maria Owl Gutierrez

Ole Ersson and Satya
Rev. Julia Bystrova

Permaculture & Nature -

Howard Story
Erik Ohlsen
Geoff Lawton
Charlotte Anthony
Troy Hudson
Taj Scicluna (The Perma Pixie)
Matt Bibeau

Transition Movement -

Charlotte E Binns
Carolyne Stayton
Maggie Fleming

New Mythology -

Willi Paul by Marianne West,
Willi Paul by Julia Widdop, Talk Story Radio
Willi Paul by Margo Meck
Willi Paul by Arthur George
Carridine Poran & Willi Paul
Myra Jackson, Dan De Lion & Willi Paul
Dan De Lion & Willi Paul
Gary R Varner & Willi Paul
Rachel S. McCoppin
Stephen Linsteadt & Willi Paul
Dr. Jeff Hart & Willi Paul

More -

Director Kim McDonald, PhD
Delaney Pearson

reinforcements - Interviews 2014 – 2016 - Spirit Healing, Permaculture & Nature, Transition Movement, New Mythology. eBook 28 by Willi Paul - Copy.pdf

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