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The DroughtAction panel and community conversation that took place September 22, 2015, offered a chance for Alliance members and the greater community to come together in an online exploration of drought—including both literal and archetypal perspectives.

The overall event included:

Submissions of art, poetry, interviews, and media were invited and posted online for public viewing. Submitters were invited to spend a few minutes discussing their work in the community webinar

VIEW the Submission gallery on Depth Psychology Alliance or on


The live webinar begins with a panel discussion featuring:
Linda Buzzell, ecopsychologist and co-editor of "Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind," & blogger for Huffington Post
Craig Chalquist, depth psychologist & co-editor of "Ecotherapy'--& pioneer of "terra psychology"--the psychology of place
Jeffrey Kiehl, Jungian analyst & climate scientist at NCAR for 30 years

Willi Paul, mythologist & transition consultant

Moderated by Bonnie Bright, depth psychologist & founder of Depth Psychology Alliance​


The panel discussion was followed by live community-building and dialogue about drought, plus  commentary and sharing from participants who contributed art, poetry, or other works for the gallery.

The event was  video-enabled so those who elected to turn their webcams on could see each other talk face to face for a more connected experience.

Feedback from participants focused on the richness of the discussion and how emotionally touching and powerful so much of the content felt for all of us.


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