Have you had meaningful experiences with images or coincidences since losing a loved one in the last 6 to 12 months? Please consider participating in this study investigating the meaning of significant images, symbols, and coincidences in grieving experiences. This is a dissertation study conducted by Ashley Simons for a doctorate in psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, supervised by Kesstan Blandin, PhD. Inclusion criteria: 1) 18 yrs. old or older; 2) loss of loved one 6 to 12 months ago; 3) basic understanding or familiarity of depth or Jungian psychology; 4) experience with a meaningful image, symbol, and/or coincidence related to loved one since the loss; 5) able and willing to work with potentially distressing emotional material. The study involves an interview of approximately 60 minutes conducted via videoconference (zoom, google meets). Interested participants can contact: Ashley J. Simons, MA, MAC, LMHC at 315-272-9726.


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