Your Story Needed: HeartAwakening Experience


I am a graduate student in theDepth Psychology Program at Sonoma State University. I am writing a thesis about the heart. As part of my research, I am conducting interviews with several individuals who have experienced a heart awakening.

A heart awakening experience can bedescribed as a spiritual encounter with a loving force that is transpersonal,that is both beyond and within oneself. This experience is felt as numinous: atremendous and compelling force one encounters that has a mysteriouslyattractive and fateful meaning. Heart awakening has a variety of effects on the individual ranging from emotional despair to extreme bliss. Often the experience changes the lifecourse of the individual who goes through it.  In order to differentiate a heart awakening experience froma spiritual one of a different or more general nature it has the characteristic quality of being viscerally known in the heart organ itself as it is being experienced.

If you have had a heart awakeningexperience and would like to share your story, please contact me for an interview. Your privacy will be protected should you wish to remain anonymous.

My name is Rosemary. My e-mailaddress is,or you can call me at 707-280-9583.


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  • HI Rosemary: I just wanted to check in with you and see how your research is coming together--and also just to bring this post back to top-of-mind here in the community. Have you managed to find participants in Sonoma/Northern Cal who you can interview for their stories? I really appreciate your description of a "heart-awakening" experience...
  • Hi Rosemary,  I posted your call on my Night Is Jung Facebook page!/pages/The-Night-is-Jung/112472172096462


    One person has shared. I would visit the page tonight and tomorrow to see if anyone else does.



    • Thankyou Melissa, you will probably see my post on FB. I am looking for people to interview in person (hopefully near Sonoma County, Ca) after the signing of an informed consent so I will update my posting and then perhaps we can repost it because at this time it will be overwhelming to receive too many stories. 

      Take care

    • Thankyou Melissa! :)
  • Rosemary: Your research project sounds great--what a wonderful way to get Depth Psychology out in the world. I have posted your notice on the Alliance Facebook page and also tweeted it. Hope people will be willing to share their stories with you!
    • Hi Bonnie, I just realized that I made a mistake in my call for stories. I did not state that I would like the interviews to be in person (preferably Sonoma County residents) with an additional art project, and that informed consent is needed before hearing other's experiences. I will re-write my call for stories and re-post it. You are so kind to spread the word and help me with this project ;)
    • Thankyou :)


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