It's an intense time in our world... and the only real response is for each of us to clearly align with our own spiritual core. So I hope you'll join me for a unique online experiential seminar: Sacred Alignment: Entering the Realm of Non-Ordinary Knowing.  There will be two sessions: Fridays October 23rd and October 30th, from 10 am - 12 pm PDT (1 pm - 3 pm EDT / 6 pm - 8 pm BST). $79 includes the opportunity to work individually with me, recordings and handouts. 

Now is the time to be doing deep work. If you’ve been haunted by a vision, if there’s something you’re too afraid to look at, if you feel inadequate for the healing work that’s claimed you, if your current spiritual practice is not connecting you with your own sacred wisdom, please join us.  It’s time to honor the call. Everything else is noise and distraction. 

Join us for a unique experiential journey into non-ordinary knowing:

We humans are brilliant when we’re aligned with Something greater than ourselves. And no matter how much we push, intend and effort, it’s clear that we don’t often have all the answers that we seek. 

But Something else does.

In this course we open third space—a field of potent Source energies and powerful intelligence that is not of this world. These Source energies are deeply transformative, and aligning with them requires that we open a 'third' channel of knowing. For each participant, the activation of these energies will be unique.

Only this realm knows what you need for your whole life to change.

As you anchor in this vibrational field, you’ll discover new spaces of possibility, as well as a flow, grace, ease, strength and clarity that you didn’t know was so readily available.

  • Awaken deep knowing.
  • Experience peace, spiritual openness and deep trust.
  • Uncover the core vibration that wants to be set in motion.
  • Discover inner resources & possibilities that can’t be revealed any other way.

This class is not designed for those who float on the surface of creativity and’s for people who are committed to depth.

If something deep is nudging you, if you have a gift you’re scared to step into but know you must, if you’ve been haunted by a vision, if you’re resisting a call from Spirit because it feels way too big, please join us. Some of us need strong connection with Spirit to do the pioneering work we’ve been called to do, and now is the time to make that connection.

This realm is calling you.

Fridays October 23rd & 30th  10 am - 12 pm PDT

$79 includes handouts & recordings

"Kim's work is pioneering." ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, New York Times bestselling author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Kim Hermanson, PhD is an award-winning author, educator and shamanic catalyst. She is adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Depth Psychology Alliance. She has served as both core and adjunct faculty at Meridian University, Sophia Center at Holy Names University, University of California Berkeley, Sofia University and the Esalen Institute. Her books include Getting Messy: A Guide to Taking Risks and Opening the Imagination and Sky's the Limit, which received an Independent Publisher Book Award. She has also co-authored articles and book chapters with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, founder of the field of positive psychology. Her PhD is from the University of Chicago.

Kim was initiated to the shamanic path in her 20s when she was critically injured in a head-on collision on the highway and accessed otherworldly energies to heal her body. During the next 15 years she experienced a series of mystical experiences that culminated in 2007 with a profound awakening experience and formal call to be a shamanic energy worker. Kim is known for her skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological difficulties into a place of profound beauty, healing and creative flow. Her life is dedicated to the transmission of energies from this stunningly beautiful and intelligent realm.

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