sound myth - journey 1

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 ‘… archetypical sound is an alchemical or transmutation process, where the recombining of elements and the interactive process is more important than the product. Also examine myth in soundscapes - or how the imagination of each listener both creates and recombines a story and how the meanings evolve as each collaboration changes the forces. These fragments can be re-mixed as each new group is created. Differing from other musical composition, here archetypical sounds are no longer in the background but in the foreground as the evolving sound collage drives the listener experience; sound can now serve as a new story that we process and interpret individually and collectively.' W. Paul

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- - nature sound archetypes - -

Ice Melt
Whale Call
Rain Forest

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- 4 kid's  -

+ Active Listening
+ Re-Imagining
+ Idea Coupling
+ Find a new level to experience

sound myth - journey 1 from willi paul studio -

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