Giving you a sneak peek (below) at our amazing lineup of speakers--all in one place at one time for "A Climate of Change" in Santa Barbara, April 21-24, 2016.

Everyone is welcome to attend this conference. Please join us! 

More details and link for registration (We expect this event to sell out, so act soon!)

Healing: From the Self to the Planet 
Vandana Shiva

Soul as an Aesthetic of Absence 
Patricia Berry

Touching the Soul of the World 
Michael Meade

Animus Mundi: The Spirituality of the World 
Thomas Moore

Climates and Ideas in Crisis: Perplexing Questions 
Joseph Cambray

A Therapy of Ideas for a World on Edge 
Edward Casey

Wages of Rebellion 
Chris Hedges

A Kairos Moment in an Archetypal Cosmos 
Richard Tarnas

A Traditional View of Nature and its Transformation: Lessons of the 2011 Earthquake in Japan 
Toshio Kawai

Psychosocial and Earth Accompaniment and the Creation of the Commons 
Mary Watkins

An Unfinished Collaboration with James Hillman 
Margot McLean and Mermer Blakeslee

Re-Imagining Economics: A Therapy of Foundational Economic Metaphors 
Per Espen Stoknes

Changing Climates of Education: The Economies of Sitting, Standing, and Leaning
David Miller

WORKSHOP: Archetypal Psychology . . . and Mythology: An Introduction 
Safron Rossi and Glen Slater

WORKSHOP: Psychotherapy as Religious Ritual 
Thomas Moore

WORKSHOP: ReVisioning Dionysus 
Susan Rowland and Dennis Patrick Slattery

WORKSHOP: Inspiring Re-enchantment through Transrevolutionary Storytelling 
Craig Chalquist

WORKSHOP: Psychotherapy in a World That Has Gotten Worse 
Michael Sipiora


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