Synchronicity, Psyche and Matter

There is no substitute for the feeling of finding yourself among “your tribe”, or at least among those inhabiting a shared worldview.  That was how I felt during the recent Synchronicity, Psyche and Matter Symposium at the Joshua Tree Retreat sponsored by the Depth Psychology Alliance.

Bonnie Bright and Gary Bobroff did a stellar job introducing and facilitating the sessions. Rupert Sheldrake opened the symposium with part one of a two part brilliant discourse on the Science Delusion. Not only did he illuminate the places where science has lost contact with its own method, but he also ended with an impassioned plea for us all to embrace the task of upgrading science by participating and collecting data from a series of simple scientific experiments.  Other luminaries such as Jill Purce introduced us to the beautiful sonorous universe, while Stephen Aizenstat of Pacifica urged us to tend our dreams and take our place in the “family of things”. Richard Tarnas of CIIS gave us an expansive and detailed framework for synchronicity, and Stephen Lindsteadt helped us attune to the scalar heart. Graham Hancock presented on the historical and current relevance of healing through the use of  psychedelics, and Gary Bobroff spoke about Crop Circles and the reemergence of the archetypal feminine. There were so many wonderful speakers and workshops that it was challenging to decide what to attend. Jim Tucker’s investigations into the accounts of past life recall in children was astounding. Mythologist Catherine Svehla invoked a connection to the coyote in us all, while Toko Pa related how an encounter with a bobcat had awakened her spirit.

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center is the desert equivalent of Esalen, and one couldn’t help but feel the presence of the many illumined beings who had been there before us. For anyone wanting to explore Depth Psychology and find his or her place in the unfolding mystery of life, I highly recommend that you commit to attending the next annual conference. Thank you Bonnie for providing our members access to this incredible event.

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    • Hi Aleksander, It is hard at times not to sink into the despair and hopelessness about the state of consciousness in the world -  but that is exactly the thing this symposium also addressed, how to stay attuned and in proper relationship with one's self and the world, how to be discerning and heart-centered in approaching any problem. The symposium was about taking down walls and opening dialogue on multidimensional fronts. We need a new kind of wisdom for these times for the very reasons you have cited, and many problems will have to be resolved by opening our hearts and minds in new ways. Coyote myths may sound frivolous but the kind of indigenous wisdom they contain is the medicine we need to combat our own insatiable appetites and self-delusions. I am grateful for your passion and heartfelt desire to embrace and end suffering in the world. The world needs your answers, so please keep engaging in the dialogue until answers emerge from our shared desire for creating a better world.

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