In this interview, Dr. Glen Slater discusses his powerful and intriguing 2009 article entitled "The Mythology of Bullets" (Spring Journal, Volume 81 "The Psychology of Violence") in which he addresses the major mainstream issues that always arise in such devastating events: gun violence, media influence, and mental health. 

However, Slater goes much deeper to look at the archetypal aspects of guns in America, how our inherent cultural roots come into play, and how the uncompromising drive of the American Dream insists we succeed at any cost.

Join me with Dr. Glen Slater for an engaging and important discussion of the roots of mass shootings and the depth psychological and archetypal aspects of guns in America.

Glen Slater Ph.D. holds degrees in Religious Studies and in Clinical Psychology and has taught Jungian and Archetypal perspectives at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara for nearly two decades. 

Glen edited and introduced Volume 3 of James Hillman’s Uniform Edition—“Senex and Puer”, as well as a volume of essays, “Varieties of Mythic Experience” (with Dennis Patrick Slattery), and has contributed a number of essays

 to various Jungian publications. Glen is the film review editor at Spring Journal and a regular contributor to that publication..

Glen is the film review editor at Spring Journal and a regular contributor to that publication.

>>>SPECIAL NOTE: Spring Journal has generously allowed Depth Insights to publish a link to Glen's full article, The Mythology of Bullets (in Volume 81, (2009), The Psychology of Violence. Visit this link to access the article download.

Posted January 12, 2013
Approx 42 mins

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