The Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Depth Insights scholarly eZine is out! 




Holding Center: Ecopsychological Portraitures 
on the Poetics of Place — by Dana Swain

Becoming Real; Seeing Through the Eyes of
the Velveteen Rabbit  — by Marta Koonz

Fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge —by Catherine Svehla

Talking about Dreams, Bones, and the Future — Russ Lockhart & Paco Mitchell in conversation with Bonnie Bright

The Study of Dreams from Freud to Jung — by Elise Wardle

New Grange: The Mystery of Speech — by John Woodcock

Review of Jung and Phenomenology by Roger Brooke — By Matthew Gildersleeve

More Depth Psychology Articles, Essays, Art, and Poetry

Cover art by Debra Goldman


Additional Art
Vera Long

Additional Poetry

W. P. Basil

Mary Ann Bencivengo

R. L. Boyer

Matthew Fishler

Melissa La Flamme

Donna May

Eva Rider

J R Romanyshyn

Roy Rosenblatt


Hundreds of hours went into this issue, including author and artist efforts,the submissions process, review,and selection, editing, communications, layout, and posting.  

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  • Good morning Bonnie - I do appreciate receiving Depth Insights Scholarly eZine, made a donation and posted 2 comments on yours and Paul's articles which I hope got through - not posted yet?  I was wondering if you would consider a membership category for us members who do appreciate and would be willing to contribute on an annual basis to DPA to ensure this publication continues and is supported by membership.  In this light, may I suggest you and the Board consider a membership category of $40.00 annually to those of us who want to contribute to the on-going efforts and support of Depth Insights Scholarly eZine?  Thank you.  Regards Linda

    • Hi Linda. As always your warm support and generous contributions are so appreciated. I haven't seen any comments on the ezine submitted by you just yet, but will respond to you privately to follow up. As for the membership idea, you must be psychic! :)  We are actively working on ideas for that; as you probably can imagine, none of this is sustainable unless we do something to start generating at least enough income to cover current costs and people's time for keeping it all join, so we are trying to figure out how best to offer the opportunity while still making the content as accessible as possible. Like everything, it's complicated, of course--as anything worth doing often is. More soon, and thank you.

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