Just received the following message regarding the upcoming Pacifica event. I regret that those of us from the Alliance who might have met face to face at the event will have to wait but it is certainly understandable and I'm sure all of you now join me in sending love, good wishes and prayers to the man who has had such an incredible impact on Depth Psychology in the past many decades:


"It is with a heavy heart that we learn that James Hillman’s visit to Pacifica will be postponed. His message to everyone is this:
Only three days ago, the rapidly deteriorating and increasingly painful situation revealed the return of cancer to my pelvis. I began radiation therapy today, but despite all efforts to come to Pacifica now, I must give in to circumstances.
Yours sincerely, James Hillman
March 3, 2011

Unfortunately, this means that his seminar for March 12-13 is cancelled. Once James completes his treatment and is strong enough to travel, we will reschedule..."

From Bonnie again:
I encourage each of you, if you feel moved to post something in the group Ritual Space that is meaningful to you and to your feelings about healing, strife, or James HIllman himself so we can put something positive and beautiful into form on his behalf....

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  • Surely all art is the result of one's having been in danger, of having
    gone through an experience all the way to the end, where no one
    can go any further. The further one goes, the more private,
    the more personal, the more singular an experience becomes,
    and the thing one is making is, finally, the necessary, irrepressible,
    and, as nearly as possible, definitive utterance of this singularity.


    My blessings to James Hillman as he undergoes this singular, private and numinous experience.

    • A lovely, truly generous and remarkable recognition of love to which nothing can be added accept additional good will. Thank you, David and much love JH


  • Thinking of beautiful healing energy for Mr. Hillman and his family. The process being undertaken is as human as life can be. I so honor the gifts of James' insights, concepts, and diverging views. I hope to have the opportunity to stand with him again in the support of Depth Psychological ideas. May the conversation continue...

    Good thoughts....

    Jill Cresap

    Pacifica Graduate Institute

    MA/Ph.D.: Depth Psychology Student 2008 - Present

  • I send my best blessings for James Hillman's healings, and am sorry for the cancellation due to these reasons. However, my flght is fixed and I will be in Santa Barbara anyway, and plan to make a trip to Pacifica. If anyone else is still going, it would be good to meet at Pacifica for some face to face connections. Please let me know if you still plan to make the trip.


  • Many strong and steady thoughts of peacefulness for you.

    Let your mind rest while your body does its work.

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