Just came across a great essay on the site of Terrapsychologist Craig Chalquist where he talks about how to delineate a new mythos for our time. He recounts how seeing the earth from space for the very first time deeply impacted mythologist Joseph Campbell, and fulfilled in some way the visions that Carl Jung himself had been having about such an event.It is as if we could see, with our contemporary mind, the earth as a whole being for the first time.

"If nature “speaks” in symbolism", Chalquist writes, "the metaphoric language of dreams, symptoms, and the deep unconscious allows us to imagine ourselves belonging to a larger-than-human field of intelligence while listening to what a long-suffering Earth could be thinking about." http://www.chalquist.com/earthrise.html

Be sure to check out Craig's newly published anthology, Rebearths: Conversation with a World Ensouled, just released on Amazon. Review at http://www.amazon.com/Rebearths-Conversations-World-Ensouled-ebook/product-reviews/B004C058JM


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