I am posting a paper I wrote for Pacifica regarding the phenomenon of Donald Trump. It is an analysis of what is happening from a Jungian perspective, outlining the underlying dynamics of our current environment. I believe we as a country need to look at the implications of Mr. Trump's popularity. We ignore this reality at our own peril. I hope it is useful for anyone inclined to read it.

The Trickster of 2016_Understanding the Phenomenon of Donald Trump.pdf

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  • Whoever you folks elect, I don't want my child (I still don't have) live in the world where psychopaths will be writing articles such as this one:

    Hitler was defeated, but his value system never was.

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      UK police preparing for 'enormous' potential ISIS attacks, British terror chief says

      how can stopping muslim immigration until one can figure out the attendant risks and develop a sensible secure immigration policy be considered as racist... we don't need another charlie hebdo attack or god forbid another 9/11 attack to bring some common sense into our immigration policy. Outside the ever diminishing bubble of prosperity the American open borders policy itself is rapidly  transforming the United States into a third world nation. 

      Mr. Williams shares the following with us.

      - February Payroll and Unemployment Details Were Nonsense, Well Removed from Underlying Economic Reality 
      - Annual Payroll Growth Held at Twenty-Month Low 
      - Headline Payrolls Gained 242,000; Full-Time Employment Gained 65,000 
      - February 2016 Unemployment Rates: U.3 at 4.9%, U.6 at 9.7%, and ShadowStats at 22.8% 
      - First-Quarter 2016 Real Trade Deficit on Track for Continuing Deterioration, with Negative Implications for First-Quarter GDP 
      - Real Construction Spending Remained in Non-Recovery, Ongoing Low-Level Stagnation 
      - February 2016 Annual Growth Declined Sharply for M1 and M3, Dropping to Levels Last Seen Surrounding the Economic Collapse 

      The real psychological issue here is what is being projected onto Donald Trump. Why is there a massive media effort to destroy his campaign.  Isn't it emanating from the Darwinian dead enders in the establishment/status quo. Emanating from the very special interest groups and political class that have all but destroyed the American dream and brought America to brink of economic ruin. Trump and Sanders and even Cruz to a limited extent are outsiders. Cruz is tied in to Goldman Sachs is it via his wife and some loans/money. Trump or Sanders are a vote for change. America needs to adapt and change. There is no other alternative...


    • Good morning Alexsandar- I was curious and wanted to read this article that you evaluated, allege is written by a person with "psychopathic" tendencies...I am not a worldly, politically informed or "correct" woman, however, I do know the criteria used when entertaining the use of the word "psychopath" upon someone's persona...and I just do not see this article nor that author in that light.

      And then, you make a comment about Hitler being defeated, but his value system never was...and leave us hanging who and where in the world is "Hitler's" value system implemented, being used today?  Peace + Love Linda

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    Even the pope residing within the walls of the vatican has now reversed his opinion on open borders for migrants. It is dnot racist to call a moratorium on migration/immigration pf muslims until a mechanism is established to sort out the good from the terrorists. That is exactly what Trump called for. And now the media reports are full of indications that the isis terrorists are using the cover of the migrant flows into europe to take their terroristic tactics to the european heartland. Khaddafy kept the migrants from invading europe via Libya. The migrants are the product of America's disruption and disintegration of Iraq syria afghanistan and Libyan societies. What about yemen... But the doeers of these dastardly deeds in their psychopathic finery are now blaming putin for the migrant blowback. 

    Pope Calls Migrant Crisis ‘Arab Invasion’, Says Europe Must ‘Rediscover Its Cultural Roots’

    • Yes and no. Look, it wasn't some bunch of terrorists bombing my people twice in the 1990s and forcing the exodus from Croatia and Kosovo. It was "western democracy". Still, that absurd amount of savagery and violence was just warming up for what happened in the Middle East to brown people. It's not like giving ideas to anyone, but why would anyone expect a random person frustrated beyond belief to behave? "Roots" are my values and it would be nice to have them and consciously choose and participate in their creation. The problem is if I don't have them or change them on a daily basis with or without some foreign "invader". Or if I don't deserve to be a proper role-model to anyone. If bigger bombs (rifles brought to schools, more outrageous insults) are the only argument I have...

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    Good to hear from you again. I remember all the foofarah that happened on this board when the barbaric and atrocious charlie Hebdo murders occurred. The condemnations. The outrage. The disbelief that free speech could be murderously assaulted. And rightly so. Barbarians have no place in a civilized society.

    I don't really want to get into a political discussion here. I will say the immigration issue is a long standing and disgraceful one in America. The admittance of many many millions of Illegal migrants into America is part of an inhuman predatory and planned systematic program designed to supply corporate america and its farming community especially with a cheap and compliant labor force. This worked well when the illegal migrants were taking the menial jobs that americans didn't necessarily want. It does not work so well when the migrants start encroaching on the jobs of the blue collar and middle class America. The illegal migration problem is in large part destroying the economic foundations of the blue collar and middle class america. And this is making many Americans very angry.

    There are currently about 93 million adult americans that cannot find a job. 93 MILLION. John Williams of shadow stats says the real unemployment rate is 22.9%. There are about 48 million Americans living on food stamps. The lines for food would be much longer and shocking than the food stamp lines seen in the depression, if not for the cosmetic effect allowing the needy to use their convenient shopping stores as a place to pick up their food. That makes the american economic tragedy invisible to some. And so they can live in la la land with all their pretensions and outright delusionary castles of civility in the sky intact. TRUMP SAYS THIS IS A PROBLEM AND I WILL DEAL WITH IT. 

    Meanwhile out and out psychopaths get a free pass in the media.  Hilary Clinton the destroyer of the most prosperous nation in Africa laughed like a jackal when she heard some barbaric moron murdered khaddafy by shoving a knife up his ass. This is grounds for incarceration into a mental institution for the criminally insane.

    Libya by the way was the most propserous country in Africa. Education was free for all. Libya would pay full freight for its best and brightest in any  university in the world. They had full medicare. Libyan citizens would be sent anywhere in the world that was necessary if they needed extraordinary medical procedures or attention. Every initial newly wedding couple was given $60,000 US to build a new home for themselves as a wedding present. That was the cost of building a new house in libya at the time. And then a mentally deranged haywire playing imaginary power games went in there on the pretext of giving the libyans freedom and democracy like we have and she destroyed that country completely. it is now an anarchic ungovernable state. The idiotic purveyors of freedom and democracy then took their psychopathic show on to the Ukraine and Syria. Some people like the media are so insular and naive that they can easily focus on their little material bubble of prosperity whilst keeping their heads firmly planted in the sand like ostriches. America is falling apart all around us. The economy is in a shambles and the politicians have done nothing to restore the it for the last eight years. The  political system is so corrupt that the special interests fully control them. Trump may not be able to solve the fiasco the establishment has created. It is very late in the day for the american economy especially. But he will try to make america great again....Nobody else has the intention of trying to do so. The corruption is so complete.

    • Hi Klemens - it is good that this topic is getting attention from our membership and I am grateful members, those knowing relevant facts and details, are stating and sharing same with the community at-large.  Thanks to you and Aleks for engaging with each other and sharing your views.  Peace + Love Linda 

  • FYI Pacifica has some audio recordings of Tom Lavin presentations that are worth one's time.  (My husband and I listen to them in the car whilst driving.)

  • Well, the Trickster has a "leveling" effect.  Hermes stole Apollo's cattle, and as a result of his theft, he gained attention from Zeus, was given privileged status, and even became a compatriot to Apollo -- even though he was a thief!  Somewhere in the literature Hermes says outright that he's looking out for himself and through his activity he's going to get somewhere in the world. 

    Through Trump, do not the "simple" put themselves on par with the "learned people"?  Nobody is better than anybody else, especially when it comes to American politics.  (It occurred to me last night after posting that Trump and Bernie share this in common:  both are appealing to segments of the population that long for radical change, upheaval, and a fresh approach to politics.)

    I may be crazy, but I do think Trump is "individuating" through this process.  Seriously!  He's being forced to address issues just beyond his reach, and is growing behind the persona mask in ways we cannot fathom.  Personally, I cannot write him off as a narcissist, sociopath, or all-around "bad guy" like the Hitler he is often compared to.  Having said that, I do NOT believe he has the competence and the diplomatic intelligence necessary to being presidential... and that is what frightens me.  God forbid his "instinctive" finger hover over the nuclear arms button.  :-(

    • I tend to agree with your type of analysis Vicky. If Trump or even Hitler showed up in a dream, we would be best served by analyzing his place and purpose in our psyche. If he shows up in our culture, which is the effect of the collective psyche, we have to ask why. I think you're pretty on target. Personally I don't think even Adolph Hitler himself in his most pschopsthic phase would be able to do anything like what Germany allowed him to do. America is so much more culturally and ideologically diverse than Germany was, and our system even though quite eroded, still presents major stumbling blocks for a president that wants to rule dictatorially. We should be much more alert to the "totalitarian tiptoe", I feel.

      My father used to take me and my brother to great movies when we were kids. He had a background in acting and film analysis and he would point to certain scenes and ask us "What does this mean?" In our collective movies of life, Trump is an important character to understand more than to physically oppose. And the same goes for each of these other politicians. Every president in my lifetime at least has acted as an abandoning shadow father type, some more or less punitive, but none have served us in a healthy way. In my view, the bigger problem is that we have still not left this abusive household and continue to put faith in these "father things" (men and women both) that will continue to appear until we work though their meaning and integrate the energy in ourselves that they represent. :-)
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