Wisdom 2.0 is a conference in Silicon Valley to explore how we can live with deeper meaning and wisdom in our technology-rich age - it is available to view live at http://www.wisdom2summit.com/ or


The schedule for Saturday, February 26th starts with "Experiments in Consciousness" at 9am  http://www.wisdom2summit.com/Schedule

I will be watching Michelle Gale and Wendy Palmer from Conscious Embodiment as they talk about truly embodying presence and compassion in all sorts of environments.  If you have a chance to view any of this, let me know what you think!  Julie

2:15 – 3:25 – Calm in the Storm: Mindfulness in the Modern Work Environment

Jon Kabat-Zinn in discussion with Rich Fernandez, Head of Learning and OD, eBay; Stuart Crabb, Head of Learning and OD, Facebook; and Michelle Gale, Leadership and Development, Twitter.

Panel explores opportunities and challenges of integrating mindfulness in work environments.

3:40 – 4:10 – Applied Conscious Leadership in High-Tech

Michelle Gale, Leadership and Development, Twitter, on Conscious Embodiment, and introduction and exercise by Wendy Palmer, founder, Conscious Embodiment

4:10 – 4:50 – Mindfulness, Politics and Society: Extending into the World

An Interactive Conversation with Congressman Tim Ryan, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Soren Gordhamer

also, this looks very interesting:it is earlier in the day.

The New Social Media: Serving the Ego or a Tool for Wisdom and Social Change?

A dioscussion between:

Alana B Elias Kornfeld, Senior Editor, Huffington Post

Lori Deschene, founder, TinyBuddha

Soren Gordhamer, Wisdom 2.0

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