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I hope people are completing the survey.

Here's what I wrote in my survey comment (it may inspire you):

I think it is imperative that you change from Go-To-Webinar to a provider that records video, such as Meeting Burner or other competitive services.  If I miss a class, I want to get more than an AUDIO recording.  I know the Asheville Jung Center sells videos of their presentations, and they are your direct competition -- you need to up-level your game if you want to compete with their offerings.  I know it's hard to change gears when you've just gotten comfortable with this technology, but it's simply vital that you do.

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  • Personally I'm fine with just the audio. During the live sessions I'm watching the chat window here during the discussion, and then afterwards I download the audio files to my phone and listen again while I'm at work. Pat and Robbie's faces are lovely, but for me it's the audio that matters.
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