Based on our new four offerings—D-E-E-P: Dialogue, Explore, Experience, Pollinate—the committees have been realigned slightly to correlate. 

The D (Dialogue) corresponds in great part to the Membership experience committee, who will focus on how to create better opportunities for dialogue and intimate group experience and belonging

The E (Explore) aligns with the Education committee who will focus on short term educational events and long term educational offerings, including a certificate program

The E (Experience) coincides with the Programs and Events committee who will focus on creating experiential events such as online dream groups and other signature experiential events (such as Dinner & Depth) that make the Alliance unique

The P (Pollinate) works with Outreach in the sense of seeking to extend Depth Psychology in the world, both in terms of reaching potential new members and partnering strategically with other organizations. An added aspect of Pollinate will eventually involve yet another committee that focuses on helping professionals (and others) develop skills and find tools and resources that help extend depth psychology in the world.

See the attached document for guidelines for committees based on this new alignment.

Rebranding Matrix--Committee Structure.docx

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  • I like being in the Experience dimension of DEEP :)

    • So glad you are there, Brent! :)
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