Administrative Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 11, 2015


Present:        Gary Bobroff, Craig Chalquist, Jeff Kiehl, Dorene Mahoney, Donna May, James Newell, Karey Pohn, Brent Potter, Eva Rider, Mark Sipowicz

Absent:          Michael Bogar, Kat Hillier

Staff:  Bonnie Bright


Meeting called to order at 12:30p PST.


Action items/commitments highlighted in yellow.


Opening Ritual (Gary)


Welcome & Announcements (Craig)

  • Update on Jesse’s health and the board’s gifts of dream work and CD’s; possible participation in Jesse’s Facebook (or our own) fundraising efforts to cover medical costs.
  • Two important volunteers: Audra Miller (Program Manager and presenter of vocational coaching); and Jeremy Murray (Technology consultant and help-desk resource at Bios to follow.


Becoming an Events-Oriented Organization (Craig)


  • Moving away from the constraints of current committee structure to something more fluid.
  • Moving to discrete projects about which board members have passion.
  • Events, programs, or series that loosely falling within the four tracks of D-E-E-P:
  • Dialogue: Largely about fostering dialogue and building community.
  • Explore: Educate or instruct members on topics within the field of depth psychology. Often use didactic methods and result in certification (and CE’s?).
  • Experience: Providing opportunities to experience depth methods, or build personal mastery in self-reflection techniques.
  • Pollinate: Focus on vocation or expressing one’s depth orientation in the daily activities of living. Provide ordinary tools (e.g., how to start a business, market oneself, create a resume, etc.), but from a depth, or soulful, perspective.
  • Offers may fall within more than one track (of DEEP), such as events in Pollinate.
  • The Program Manager position will oversee intake of offer ideas and calendar events with an eye to topic balance and time zone coverage.
  • Each board member shared what they’re currently working on personally and in the Alliance, plus ideas about what is or would most capture their interest:


Gary Bobroff: Presenting introductory webinar on cultivating an Archetypal Nature on 1/7/2016, 7:30-9:00p PST; in contact with two individuals who currently run book groups for other organizations (e.g., Liz at Inner City Books) who might run one group a year on the Alliance.


Bonnie Bright: Just finished the cross-cultural conversation with Patricia Berry and Gustavo Barcellos ( from a Jungian organization in Brazil; town hall on 12/2 a big success; begins a 4-week course on January 6th with Robert Romanyshyn and Bryan Tracy on Cultivating Poetic Sensibility in a Wired World; co-facilitating Navigating and Coping in the holidays with Eva this afternoon; next meeting of the Pollinate committee on 2/14 at 2:30p PST; next meeting of Conference task force to be announced for January.


Jeff Kiehl: Outside the Alliance, working on climate change and the arts (entraining artists to connect people to important issues facing the world, such as climate change); a Jungian perspective on the grail legends for the current world and a connection to the feminine.


Dorene Mahoney: Working with Audra Miller on a template for offering career and vocational coaching as a Pollinate offering to begin in early 2016 (e.g., January). Elements would be instruction, group coaching, and individual coaching. Exploring a broad pricing schedule that would provide ongoing revenue for the Alliance, a reasonable income for the coach, and high-quality depth coaching for our members. Introductory presentations would begin in January.


Donna May: Another Deep Meet & Greet scheduled on 1/12/2016, 5-7p PST. Community story-telling—writing and story, its power to create empathy and compassion; how to bring her one-to-one community story-telling work to the Alliance; wants to be available to others as a witness and support—a midwife of other creations.


James Newell: Building out the first course in a Jung 101 series for certification; helping the Alliance become a sponsor for CE’s; facilitating timely dialogues on pressing issues in the collective (ala the successful Souls of White Folk—46 participants!)


Karey Pohn: Outside the Alliance, focused on how the archetypal nature of change equals play, and how this might be packaged to inform and serve corporate America; would like to offer brain-friendly teachings on the Alliance—how the understanding of brain science can support/affect one’s depth orientation (?).


Brent Potter: Interested in conducting interviews and/or facilitating more Dinner and Depth programs.


Eva Rider: Working with the idea to facilitate The Way of the Dream on the Alliance; in conversation with a forensic psychologist from Amsterdam who works with children—bringing him into the Alliance in some way; co-hosting with Bonnie a group on Navigating the Holidays; wants to do a dream group; beginning an 8-week series on Tarot as an Initiatory Journey in the Spring.


Mark Sipowicz: Loves the Deep Meet & Greets with Donna; interested in public issues and writing for his vision quests. May like to facilitate a book group. Also, sitting with what he wants to do around men’s groups.


Alliance-backed Public Statements (Bonnie, in Craig’s absence)


  • Discussion about Alliance leadership posting formal statements about the organization’s stance on issues of consequence, such as racial inequality, or climate control.
  • Concern that written statements would not produce useful discussion.
  • A more generative way to present our views and invite discussion of depth psychological approaches might be to convene town-hall-like meetings that provide an opportunity for our board and membership to engage on these issues.


Closing Ritual (James). 


Next month’s board meeting:  January 8th from 12:30-2:00p PDT. Follow the Zoom link we are always use:

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:  +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll), Meeting ID: 516 453 618 


Meeting adjourned at 2:20p PST


Minutes prepared by Dorene Mahoney.

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