Event Stream Process: Updates and Important Info

I continue to be very excited about the prospect of adding more—and more paid—events to start generating income for the Alliance (and hopefully for some of you!). Gary, Dorene, and Mark and Donna now actively have events that are in process and will be posted in next few days, if not already. (If you are considering offering an event, please check with them for dates/times so we don’t run into conflicts until they are formally posted. Gary and Dorene’s events are on the calendar in GroupLoop already, for the next several weeks at least).

You may have seen by now that  I set up a “Submit a Proposal” page (under the Home tab) on the Alliance, and I continue to be actively developing our EventStream process and and training our new “staff,” Kelly, Dara, and Jeremy, who I will introduce formally by email to the board in the next few days. 
I wanted to share a few thoughts with you so you’re on the same page, and also welcome any comments or feedback if you see anything that needs to be addressed.
  • I’m envisioning a streamlined, automated “Event Stream”—where as new proposals for programs come in and are approved, I send them to both Dara, our graphics person, and to Kelly, our programs setup person who is  creating the registration process, posting the event pages on the Alliance and on FB— and also copying Jeremy who will be doing the engineering for some of the events,  so he can see what’s coming down the pipeline and see if he will be available to engineer on that date.
  • Dara will have to do her part first. Once she gets that proposal, she will let me and Kelly know what her projected timeline for completing the graphic for the new event will be so we can both plan ahead. Once the graphic is done, she will send it to Kelly directly (and copy me) and he’ll then take up the baton to get the postings done. As we are asking people to make the proposal at least 4-6 weeks before the event starts, we have a week or so to get the events set up and still be able to market them.
Given that, and given the very limited time both Dara and Kelly can currently contribute, here’s what I suggest for prioritizing—and it’s simple: Paid events take priority over free events, not only because they portend money coming in, but also because we will need the MAXIMUM amount of lead time to market and promote them because people have to pay.
I’m hoping as the process becomes more habitual for them, we’ll create templates and processes where they can both address each event very quickly and simply in a short period of time. I also want to remind everyone that, while we are going to be paying them both where we can, we need to use their time wisely—so if you end up offering an event or program that utilizes their services, it might be helpful to adopt a “good enough” process where we take what we get, and don’t insist on big changes once the event enters the Event Stream. Making minimal changes to a word here or there is always an option, of course—but I’m imagining they will be able to just do their work and post without any of us having to see it in advance and approve it (though I probably will anyway). 
On that note, after some feedback from the Ops Council, I am moving forward with the idea of a 50/50 split with presenters (with a cap that still needs to be determined)—except for board members, whom I think could warrant 80/20 as long as you are willing and able to promote heavily to your own networks as well. We will also wants rights, or to share rights at least, for content so that we can eventually resell some recorded programs.
Let me know if you have feedback or questions on any of this, and we can discuss more in the Board Meeting on Friday if needed.

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  • Oh! I am so looking forward to jumping on this wagon. I have yet to fill out the proposal. I will be back home by next week and can hopefully get them out. If there is any way that I have a chance toget online on Friday, I will attempt to be there. This will certainly prove to be an important meetings and the buzz is palpable.
    If I miss it, I will join the next operations meeting. Thanks for the streamlined proposal form, Craig.
    On my end, I hope to have some links for us.
    Exciting indeed!
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