February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Administrative Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 12, 2016



Present:        Gary Bobroff, Craig Chalquist, Jeff Kiehl, Dorene Mahoney, Donna May, James Newell, Karey Pohn, Mark Sipowicz

Absent:          Brent Potter, Eva Rider,

Staff:  Bonnie Bright



Meeting called to order at 12:30p PST.


Action items/commitments highlighted in yellow.


Opening Ritual (Dorene/James)


Welcome & Announcements (Craig)


  1. Following Craig’s 2-3 minute video, each board member is asked to record our own message about what we appreciate about the Alliance and what interests us about serving on the board.
  1. Bonnie will update Jesse’s bio to reflect his continuing in absentia place of honor on our board.
  1. Jennifer Selig, Ph.D., has joined the board. Jennifer is core faculty at Pacifica and has been actively interested in Alliance activities for some time.
  1. Bonnie will be out of the country from March 1-21 and will not be attending the March board meeting.
  1. Next month’s opening and closing rituals will be done by Craig.


2016 Board Member Update and Commitments (Craig)


Craig: Wants to create and offer two programs:

  • Based on family history in the military, wants to turn his experience into something about how military education, strategy and tactics can be used for peace—e.g., the peaceful warrior.

  • His 5-session class on applied myth.


    James: Interested in creating programs that are repeatable. Some topics:

  • Jung Basics 101: Intro to Jung, loosely like Map of the Soul.

  • A second basic class: Applied Jungian Psychology (includes individuation and different processes like dream work and active imagination; pattern recognition)

  • In Summer: Intro to Islam, the basics from a depth perspective.

  • In Fall: DP approach to music; trauma

  • Also—world religions from a depth perspective.


    Dorene: Launching Let’s Talk Work! a twice-weekly free offering on becoming and being employed, starting 3/1 at 7:30p PT.


    Mark: Presenting with Donna an experiential writing class and continuing the Deep Meet & Greets (next one on 3/1 at 5:00p PT). Figuratively speaking, wants to help individuals “Open All the Doors” in their work with the unconscious.


    Donna: On 4/5 launching the experiential writing class with Mark and the 3/1 Deep Meet & Greet.


    Jeff: His book on climate change is finally out, and he has two approved proposals:

  • March: psychological perspective on climate change.

  • May: psychological perspective on the election.

  • Considering offering an existing program on “Jung Meets the Beatles” that shows how the band’s music followed Jung’s 4 developmental stages.


    Gary: Launching a Reading Circle on Marion Woodman’s work around addiction.


    Karey: Finishing up a master’s thesis in Neuroscience for which her subject is Disney. May consider offering something related on the Alliance.


    Bonnie: Bonnie is taking on the program manager role until further notice. Because of all the recent event proposals, she is refining an “EventStream,” which outlines the entire process from conception of the idea, through the application and approval process, to the day of launch. Members can download the proposal instructions from under the Home tab on the site. [Karey and Jeff want to be copied on all proposals.]


  • Graphics artist Dara Hopp has agreed to help design the imagery and look of event ads. Kelly Kunzler will support Bonnie in arranging for program set-up and registration, as well as the journal (ezine) and other web stuff. Both individuals are working for very low hourly rates in exchange for receiving some percentage of paid programs.

  • Jeremy Murray is looking for a better calendaring system than GroupLoop, which doesn’t allow for recurring meetings.


    First Annual Alliance Conference—Accessing the Unconscious (Bonnie)


    Dates are set: Wednesday/Thursday (10/26 or 27) through Sunday (10/30). Venue: Unity Church in San Francisco. Cost: about $12,000 for rooms, set-up, and A/V. Karey has ideas for food options. Key-notes about 90 minutes; break-outs about 30 minutes. Some speakers under consideration:

  • Stuart Brown (in Monterey; discovered Joseph Campbell)

  • Stan Grof—bridging depth with the transpersonal community

  • Malidoma Some

  • Meredith Sabini

  • Susan Rowland

  • Jerome Bernstein

  • Lawrence Hillman

  • Phil Cousineau


    Becoming a Sponsor of CE’s (Dorene)


    Presented noteworthy points about the application process:

  • APA requires that every program ad contain the words: “Depth Psychology Alliance is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists and maintains responsibility for this program and its content.”—in light of concerns about the APA’s role in torture, this would be onerous to many board members.

  • Both the CA Psychological Association and APA require keeping 5 years of detailed administrative/educational records, including course descriptions, syllabi, learning objectives, instructor CVs and their specific expertise, attendance records, and who was awarded credit.

  • Both organizations require that content be presented at the post-doctoral level.


    It was discussed and agreed that applying to offer CE’s for our educational programs is premature and may not be in the interests of our mission to get DP out to the masses. Dorene will stop the application process and hang onto all the information until the board directs otherwise.


    Closing Ritual (James). 


    Next month’s board meeting:  March 11th from 12:30-2:00p PDT. Follow the Zoom link we are always use:


    Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/516453618

    Or join by phone:  +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll), Meeting ID: 516 453 618 


    Meeting adjourned at 2:08p PST


    Minutes prepared by Dorene Mahoney.

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