Greetings Board Members,

I just wanted to alert you to an upcoming milestone for the Alliance and for Dr. Bright. We are currently at 3,949 members with two pending. The Alliance is quickly closing in on 4,000 members! I think this is cause for celebration and to recognize Dr. Bright on her vision and hard work to make this a reality. 

Just wanted to alert the board members and create some energy about this amazing community and our membership! 


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  • Jesse, I want to "ditto" what both Eva and yourself have shared here. Bonnie rocks and this is an amazing organization and space to meet like-minded folk. Just yesterday I met with a fellow DPA member in Yreka. She was travelling through from NY, to OR, and on her way down to Pacifica. It was a soul-filled conversation with roots in this community. Grateful.

    FTI: I just did some more welcomes to new people and as of today, we are at 3,972!

  • Thank you for this update about this exciting milestone. Congratulations to the amazing Bonnie Bright! I continue to be so grateful for this community and all the potential that it has yet to see.

    For now, I just wanted to add my deep gratitude for the Alliance, for Bonnie and for all of you,

    Here's to an exciting future...All things are possible with an alignment when so many of like mind and soul gather together to envision and manifest the emerging paradigm of cooperation and consciousness.

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