I've taken the excellent email Craig put together to send our Program Proposal form to those who have inquired about teaching or leading a group on Depth Alliance and expanded it below. Please feel free to copy and send this text to anyone you know who might be interested.

I've also set up a "Make a Proposal" page on the Alliance site under the 'Home' tab (each of the four DEEP tabs now include  link to that page as well).

We will keep the Proposal form (formerly called 1-page Event form) updated on the "Make a Proposal" page--so you can always find the most current version there if you need it. It will also be updated regularly in GroupLoop.

All board members are also welcome to start using the process immediately for your own offerings. Now that we have a graphics person and a programs assistant to set up the events (though both of them have limited time), we should be able to start moving into a more active offerings phase.

Dear ....,

I am reaching out to you suggest you consider offering an online experiential or educational event through Depth Psychology Alliance


At Depth Psychology Alliance, our offerings encourage community members to “Delve DEEP into soul.” The word DEEP is an acronym for four types of offerings that empower the community to: Dialogue, Explore, Experience, Pollinate.

We have a simple process in place to accept proposals in any of the following general categories:

DIALOGUE Offerings: Host a "community conversation" on a depth theme of your choice. You can present for a few minutes, then invite others to turn on their cameras and microphones for spontaneous or guided conversation on the topic—or put together a panel of 3-5 people instead, if you prefer. 

EXPLORE Offerings: Offer online educational lectures, presentations, webinars, courses, and webinar series

EXPERIENCE Offerings: Lead an online group in dreamwork, active imagination, writing, art, storytelling, or another experiential depth process or method of your choice

POLLINATE Offerings: Help others extend depth psychology in the world through offerings to help them find their calling, develop core skills, build their business, write for publication, or access the unconscious to gain direction and to grow, among others.


To get started, please visit the following page: http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/page/make-a-program-proposal. There, you can download and fill out the proposal form and email it to Programs@DepthPsychologyAlliance.com. Once you do, we’ll evaluate the proposed program we will contact you about next steps for getting your event up and running, including dates, compensation, and promotion.


We appreciate your interest in helping us make depth-oriented traditions and skills widely and affordably available to an interested public. Feel free to email me with questions about this form. 


Thanks so much,

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