I have documented the process I have been using to set up and promote events for the Alliance in hopes that this will be of use to committees/individuals who are planning events. All of this is open to input and change for the ease and benefit of us all!--so please let m know if you have suggestions.

If you are planning an event, please take all this with a grain of salt. I know it may seem overwhelming, but I think you'll find it quite realistic and grounded in the end— and if you have an event to promote, let me know and I'll work with you over the course of all the steps to make sure you feel comfortable, know what you're doing, and can do it again if needed. Here's to a multitude of successful events!


Event Set-Up and Promotion Plan

Depth Psychology Alliance



At least 2-3 months out:


Determine event details, including:

  • Audio (deliver and call-in by phone only )or video format (presenter(s) deliver by video)
  • Larger broadcast webinar (Educational/Explore event) vs. smaller interactive group (“Experience” event)
  • 1-time webinar event (60 or 90 minutes) vs. series (if so, how many weeks?)
  • Title of event
  • Date(s)
  • Deliverables (3-5 bullet points outlining “what you will learn” or “how participants will benefit”)
  • Event summary (1-3 paragraphs) (OR, if this is for a series, write up an overall title and title/summary for each week)
  • Access bio and photo of presenter(s)
  • Set pricing if applicable (incl. discount for Depth Alliance members and early bird dates/rates for them and General public)
  • Create (or request from Bonnie Bright) at least one graphic to use in promotion



  1. Set up webinar on Zoom (or request it be done with proper staff)—(Be sure to choose “practice session” and “reminders” for attendees)
  2. Set up registration and payment if appicable (Depth Alliance uses Constant Contact)
    1. Need short 100-word summary of event
    2. Need to write confirmation email with direct access information to Zoom webinar
    3. Set up Event page on Depth Psychology Alliance (IF free, decide to ask for RSVP from participants clicking on the upper right RSVP on the Alliance event page or to include the direct access to the Zoom (or other) meeting
    4. Set up Event page on Facebook (via the Depth Psychology Alliance group)
    5. Notify Alliance board members with request for support and to share to their networks



  1. Promote event on various groups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other lists (alumni, etc.)
  2. Write/post a blog post about the upcoming event (post on Depth Alliance and any individual blogs)
  3. Incorporate or request inclusion in Depth Alliance newsletter and/or Email broadcast to community
  4. Share on any personal newsletters, social media, blogs, alumni email lists, alma mater, etc. and encourage affiliated others/presenters to do the same


At least 4 weeks out:


  • Continue to promote on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Purchase Facebook ads if needed
  • Send Direct Message/RSVP request to Alliance members from Event page
  • Ping any personal contacts who may be willing to promote/share
  • Finalize the “next” offering to share during the webinar, if possible


At least 3 days before

  • Set up registration for the “next” offering, if possible
  • Verify technology access with presenter(s) – i.e. practice session on Zoom if needed
  • Send presenter a “panelist invite” to join the webinar
  • Reminders to all confirmed participants
  • Final blasts to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Confirm Zoom platform accommodates number of attendees or upgrade if needed
  • Determine if you want to use in-session poll and/or solicit feedback after



  • Post recording and send to all registrants with thanks and request for feedback
  • Remind participants of future opportunities
  • Request testimonials
  • Pay speakers and/or distribute profit share to all eligible participants

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