Here is a documented process for vetting presenters/proposals for Explore (Education) or Experiential events for Depth Alliance. Note the difference in requirements for boardmembers/known presenters in the field, and individuals recommended by board members versus those who are largely unknown to us:


Program Setup on Depth Alliance for Potential Presenters

(Internal Document)


How to Schedule an Educational or Experiential Event on Depth Psychology Alliance


1)    If the potential presenter is a Board Member for Depth Psychology Alliance, a well-known/high-profile presenter in the field, or someone highly recommended by a board member, that person can simply fill out a short 1-page Proposal Form that will be reviewed by members of our Programs committee.


The proposal, once approved, will be assigned to our “programs manager” (TBD, Bonnie Bright for now) and enter the EventStream. The EventStream looks to confirm dates and start the setup and promotional process outlined in the document “Event Set Up and Promotion Plan”—a 2-3 month process that leads to the successful promotion and delivery of the event.


2)    IF the potential presenter is less known or unfamiliar to Alliance Board members, he or she must follow this process:

  1. Fill out the Presenter’s Proposal/Questionnaire (See Presenter-Questions-Depth-Psychology-Alliance.doc) to help us understand the opportunity
  2. Provide a professional CV and/or detailed bio
  3. Provide a file or link to a recent audio or video presentation


3)    Once the presenter/proposal is deemed to be a good fit for Depth Psychology Alliance based on relevance, experience, and passion, the process unfolds as follows:

  • Presenter is notified/confirmed
  • Presenter is confirmed (or joins) Depth Psychology Alliance
  • Event date(s) are set (Ideally 3-2 months before the event)
  • Bio/photo/event format and summary are submitted
  • Registration/Pricing are set up
  • Graphic is created
  • Actual Event access is set up
  • Event is posted on Alliance and social media and promoted
  • Short practice run/ technology check is scheduled




1)    Liaison between presenter and Alliance to manage the relationship

2)    Programs manager who sets up registration and online event exposure

3)    Engineer who ‘tends’ the Zoom (or other) platform


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