Dream Art

I thought it would be fun to post dream inspired art images along with the narrative of the dream that inspired the image.

11 x 14 Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was done as part of my work with Karla Van Vliet, Art and the Practice of Presence.

Dream: I am at some kind of outdoor function. There is a woman who jumps up and starts cleaning. I hear Mozart music and I close my eyes and start to spin around and around on the chair I am sitting on which now feels like a piano stool. It feels good and I feel totally lost in the swirl of music and movement. Then I try to re-orient myself by listening for where the music is coming from. As soon as I locate it, I immediately feel really dizzy and sick and fall off the stool into the grass. I open my eyes and see flowers, red. People come, I think to help me.

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