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Just a reminder for this event tonight at 7pm in a cool Oakland art gallery with Paul Watsky, who is tending the online book club this month. Hope to see you there! ~BB

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Join Dawn McGuire and Paul Watsky in this awesome Oakland venue. McGuire will read from her new collection, The Aphasia Café. McGuire, a neurologist and Professor at the Neuroscience Institute of Morehouse School of Medicine, has published three collections. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. She most recently won the Sarah Lawrence/ Campbell Corner Language Exchange Prize for “poems that treat larger themes with lyric intensity.” In her best-selling third book, The Aphasia Café, McGuire enters into the world of her aphasic patients to explore the way we use language to construct our identity and world.

These accessiblepowerful poems invite listeners to enter into a conversation about language, identity, silence, and human resilience Paul Watsky is the author of Telling The Difference (Fisher King Press, 2010) and cotranslator with Emiko Miyashita of Santoka (PIE Books, 2006). His work has appeared or is forthcoming are Interim, Smartish Pace, The Carolina Quarterly, Many Mountains Moving, Alabama Literary Review, The Pinch, andNatural Bridge.

"To quote Norman O. Brown quoting Euripides, 'God made an opening for the unexpected,' and at long last we have what many of us have greatly desired: a collection of poems by Paul Watsky. His is a singular voice in contemporary poetry, with a range that encompasses the wry, the mordant, the laugh-out-loud funny and the deeply moving, often within the same poem. One of Ovid's earliest critics complained that he did not know when to leave well enough alone. In this he resembles the eponymous hero of Watsky's 'The Magnificent Goldstein,' and, come to think of it, Watsky himself, for which we have cause to rejoice." -Charles Martin



Download the flyer: PaulWatsky-PoetryReading1012.pdf

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