There are two interesting presentations coming up in Marin County, Tiburon that I wanted to let you know about. The first, on Wednesday, October 24th is a social and presentation on Hegel, etal.

ITP:  Join us for an inspiring evening with Michael Murphy and guest Frank Poletti who will take us on a journey to the birthplace of Evolutionary Panentheism in 18th century Germany. Their presentation will showcase the emergence of the big vision that continues to evolve today. Conversation will be interspersed with periods of meditation and Q&A. $20 for the evening- 7PM - 9PM or longer...
Come early and stay after for live music and light refreshments.
St Stephen's Episcopal Church
3 Bayview Ave
Belvedere, CA 94920
Phone: 888-366-9213

The second is a workshop on November 10th with Adam Crabtree on Evolutionary Love entitled:

What’s Love Got to do with It, on Saturday, November 10th, 1 – 6 pm at St. Stephen’s Church in Belvedere.  This is a daylong experiential with trance state explorations and more.

Adam Crabtree says: "Evolutionary love is the ardent desire to promote the fullest possible
realization and fulfillment of the love object.  Put in these broad terms,
evolutionary love is something we can experience not just toward other
people.  Evolutionary love is felt also towards all living things, nature,
and all that exists in the universe.  It is also directed towards ideas,
which are not abstract things, but the living embodiment of mind. Everything
in the universe grows and evolves towards its fulfillment, whatever that
many be in any particular case--and evolutionary love is the driver, built
into the very foundations of the universe. "

Student rate is $75.00, full fee is $100.00

CEU's are available


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