• I was inspired by a synchronicity to post this idea - Perhaps we each can post our 'geographical findings' here?   

    Oceans and the Water element:

    This springs from Mary Watkins PDF and the 17 Sectors of Linda Buzell that I just posted. The words ocean and ecosystem had caught my eye.  Then I moved on to the "things that need to get done..."

    I was on google to find a poem "Song of the Lark" for another project, but "Song of the Sea" populated the search box... so I looked and it is of the Ocean, and the idea of a Selkie, half human/half seal, whose psyche and more swims fluidly in the Sea in the skin that her mother had hidden away for her to find when she was called.  The trailer is wonderful to watch (under 2 minutes), it even has mandalas in it!  It also starts with a halved spiral shell, the likes of which I had just photographed in a window yesterday.

    Song of the Sea Official US Release Trailer - Irish Animated Movie HD 

    Continuing this treasure, For those who may be drawn to the depths and the ocean or the Sea, this is a wonderful magical 5 minute sequence from the movie, with many metaphors of being magically drawn to 'new skin' by the dead mother:

    Song of the Sea - Sea scene

    OH MY:  The youtube rolled to the next one ! 

    Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet Official US Release Trailer 1 (2015) - Liam Neeson Animated Movie HD

    At the end Gibran says "My crime? Poetry"...

    • The Prophet trailer is amazing! I'd heard about the movie on NPR but forgot to post it. I cannot wait to see it! Thanks Julie for sharing this!

    • Julie, I don't know how I missed your postings here, but wow!  So much information. I just watched the short video and I agree, it is a treasure....I plan on coming back to the Mary Watkins and Linda Buzell writings later...D

  • Thank you, Jesse.  There is a link to Linda Buzzell's article

    in which she categorizes 17 sectors in which to apply Depth Psych work in sustainability modes:

    I found it in this excerpt of her article which is linked in the PDF that Watkins wrote.  Julie

    "Every sector of society is in some stage of evolution between modernism and sustainability. As you explore these career arenas, keep in mind that there are meaningful work possibilities for Cultural Creatives both within the existing modernist structure and in the emerging sustainable society. You may be someone who has a traditional profession or job but can work from within to change things — or you may want to be part of the pioneering process, creating new professions and jobs in the emerging sustainable society.

    To choose the appropriate sector for your interests, personality type, skills and gifts, take a look at the list of 17 Sectors.

    Place a check mark next to the sectors that appeal to you most and read them carefully. Do you want to be part of the process of helping society transition from the unsustainable version of the sector to the sustainable, day in and day out? Would it be exciting enough to sustain you in the hard work involved?

    Once you’ve decided on a sector, the next stage is research. You need to find out how far along the sustainability process is in the sector(s) you’ve chosen. As you read, you may decide this isn’t for you — or you may find yourself getting more and more excited about being part of the transformation, seeing how your unique gifts and background will be useful in the emerging sustainable society."

    Linda Buzzell-Saltzman, M.A., M.F.T. is a Santa Barbara psychotherapist and career counselor. She has taught classes at Santa Barbara City College Adult Education, including “Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy” and “New Career Opportunities in the Emerging Sustainable Society.”

    Article: Going Organic
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