Good afternoon All - just re-listend to the last webinar, so good and thank you so much.  I was able to see "the wisp of pink" I initially asked about and it is in the DNA image at the bottom.  Upon regaling upon this image I saw more this time around and the wisp of pink actually looks like butterfly wings!!!

The fire and water with the pink around it still speaks to me for some unknown deeply embedded meaning [working on this personally].

Eva is it possible for you to share those two images to me to continue to gaze at?

So humbled and grateful.  Blessings to both of you and all of us.  Peace + Love Linda 

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  • Hi All - participating [trying] to contribute to the Depth Panel Discussion and Aleksandar brought me back to Hermes, so I wrote a snippet on that origin in that post, but wanted to share the photos here:

    Esotericism [1655] is a doctrine with Latin//Greek roots to describe an “in/within” quality, state or understanding of the “specially” initiated alone and related to knowledge restricted to a small group.  Hermetic [1605] and hermeticism [1897] relates to a system of ideas, based on doctrine, teachings of Hermes Trismegitus


    Hermes Trismegistus may be a representation of the syncretic combination of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. [1] In Hellenistic Egypt, the Greeks recognized the congruence of their god Hermes with Thoth. [2] Subsequently the two gods were worshipped as one in what had been the Temple of Thoth in Khemnu, which the Greeks called Hermopolis. [3]

    Both Thoth and Hermes were gods of writing and of magic in their respective cultures. Thus, the Greek god of interpretive communication was combined with the Egyptian god of wisdom as a patron of astrology and alchemy. In addition, both gods were psychopomps, guiding souls to the afterlife.


    Artist: Unknown

    Date: 1480s - Floor inlay in the Cathedral of Siena Russian: Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, contemporary of Moses, on the left pages of the book.

    Text Bottom: Take the letters and the laws of the Egyptians, right on the stove, which kept a sphinx // God, the creator of all things, with God himself created the visible and created the first and only person who was glad, and very loved his own son, who is called the Holy Word.


    English: summary of this image by? Berkleeb entered October 2014 - Details of the work of stone masters of Hermes Trismegistus, floor inlaid in the Cathedral of Siena


    Today, the Siena Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Siena) is an obscure, shrouded in legend, pope palace, a 9c synod medieval church in Siena, Italy, dedicated from its earliest days as a Roman Catholic Marian church, and now dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta (Holy Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption).

    Have a great evening.  Peace + Love Linda

    Syncretism is the combining of different beliefs, while blending practices of various schools of thought. Syncretism involves the merging or assimil…
  • Linda,

    Thank you, I just wanted to clarify with you as to which other image you asked for besides the DNA image?

    Thank you for your heartfelt sharing...It sounds like you are in the midst of some magical journeying..I imagine it is leading you to new worlds...

    • Good early morning Eva - about to go have a peaceful sleep...just would like the DNA image, no hurry all the messages I needed regarding "the pink wisps."  I am the one to be thankful and so grateful to you + Bonnie...for being here for me, both of you able to be @ 5th level depth conversation [choice point] with me.  

      I have been journeying [out-there] since the day I was born...throughout my entire lifespan...until now...yes, it's magical...ShoSho is peaceful and totally back in here...fully formed, embodied.  There by grace of God go we...Nighty-nite. Blessings...Peace...Love...Sweet Dreams. Linda

  • Hello Linda,

    I am glad that you found the image with the "wisp of pink". I used that image mostly as an example of DNA. However, it is artwork and the "pink" does not have meaning universally except of course, that it may carry personal meaning for you. I can see the intimation of the "butterfly wings" in it. My main computer is currently being repaired as it suddenly went down after all the activity. I hope to share the images when I can.

    Hang in there!


    • Good evening Eva - thanks so much and I can relate to wave form interference, computer crashes after "particular" activity.  

      Yes, pink has always had deep meaning for me [NDE recall], and I do believe it also has universal meanings.  

      I am hanging in, thank you, so much has shifted for me since September 2012 and it is all good!  

      In no hurry for the images...I am very close to completing the "laying down" of the photos in my albums, which has really helped me along [dot connecting] in a core depth [embedded releases] place of healing that historically I prayed, day dreamt about, and... so pleasantly surprised on how this has all transpired and shifted...  

      FYI -

      Peace + Love Linda

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