A little something to muse upon before Webinar 3

"Once the unconscious content has been given form and the meaning of the formulation is understood, the question arises as to how the ego will relate to this position, and how the ego and the unconscious are to come to terms. This is the second and more important stage of the procedure, the bringing together of opposites for the production of a third: the transcendent function. At this stage it is no longer the unconscious that takes the lead, but the ego." [The Transcendent Function, CW 8, par. 181.]

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  • I'm sorry to keep adding bits, but I forgot perhaps the most important point about this approach to the unconscious: that it contains the possibility that the dynamics of the situation may change at an unconscious, invisible level, far away from your own conscious intent.  The process can work at levels beyond your control, which is probably exactly what is needed in the situation.  You just have to get up and go to the 'problem' and bear witness ...


  • 9142831881?profile=originalTHE TRANSCENDENT FUNCTION


    For some time now I have been making what I call ‘energy cards’ when the emotional or creative flow gets stuck.  I stay with the emotions as best I can, writing out the situation as it appears initially, and then put colour down, whatever appeals at the time, and draw out any patterns  that start to appear.  Usually words then come in response to colour and image, giving a different perspective on the problem concerned, the blockage.  This new perspective seems to be the ‘third,’ the transcendent other that Jung is referring to, which comes from a different level to the warring opposites being grappled with.  It is an attempt to hold that tension of the opposites, and often seems to bring unexpected wisdom.  It is never easy to do, and if the entrenched attitudes are pretty rigid, it is really difficult to even begin.  There can be such fear involved in trying to change one’s own rigidities.

    The little energy cards give themselves a name: this one called itself ‘Making Magic in the Sea of All Possibilities.’

    I got very excited watching the recording of the second webinar, and appreciated the break we’ve had.  In a way, I wish we could  have had the webinars once a fortnight, or even once a month, to allow time to digest and deepen the conversations.  That’s because I’ll really miss it when it’s over.

    Greetings to all,


    PS  I’ve tried to send a version of this before, but it vanished somewhere en route.  If it has appeared already somewhere, my apologies for the repetition.  And thank you again for all the contributions.

    PPS  I can't tell working in this window whether all the image had appeared with the text - will keep my fingers crossed. 

    PPPS  It worked.  Image in reality is only about 4x3 in.

    • Hello Belinda,

      Thank you for this input and this beautiful image. It is indeed the emergence of what arises from the creative process. I love the title also, "Making Magic i the Sea of All Possibilities" It describes the Transcendent function and this exactly where we are heading in the third webinar on Thursday!

      Thank you for this! I love the synchronicity and am so glad that this is sparking this process in you! I am excited about what is ahead.

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