Black Madonna: Book by Jungian Fred Gustafson

In Session #2 when we were talking about the nigredo stage in Alchemy and Sophia, Isis and the Black Madonna, I mentioned this book: 

The Black Madonna - An Ancient Image for our Present Time by Fred Gustafson who is a Jungian analyst.

This is an excellent work. I used it to do some intensive research for a piece about "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd, which features the Black Madonna quite significantly. Gustafson makes the connections between Isis, Sophia and the Black Madonna very well. 

I also found the images  below in my image archives from

that research, so I'm throwing them in for good measure. One features Mary as Sophia; the other is Isis holding Horus to her breast, reflecting the image of the Madonna.

Has anyone else done research or writing on this topic?

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  • Thank you for these incredible is amazing to see this line of the feminine hold the divine child in Isis, Sophia and Mary..

    I just ordered the book. Thank you for this reminder...I remember you mentioning this on the seminar invitation to the deepening the stories of the sacred feminine...

    Dreams, visions and stories would be welcome here..

    • Good afternoon Bonnie - the images, Eva - your words..."holding the divine child...deepening the stories of the sacred feminine"

      I knew not the 'what's this all about' or 'why come to me now'...for a long time...and this Webinar is very powerful bringing lots together....thank you!

      The first book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull [1970] + vinyl LP came to this story to my sister,[1983] brother [1992], mother [2004] and father [2008] during their end-of-life times...they all enjoyed the story...

      One of my mid-life, wise academic teachers would always say to me, "Seek wisdom, she is good [1992]" and I never really knew what he meant by that and am just connecting some of my dashes...

      "Inner Healing For Broken Vessels [1991]" came to me the same year, previously mentioned in San Franscisco [my brother terminally ill with AIDS].

      The Red Tent [1997]" just came to me in 2015, my recent eye exam, a new female physician who upon a few questions about my beginnings suggested I read this book.  I also purchased the DVD movie.

      "The Secret Lives of Bees [2002]" came to me in 2008 as recommended by Oprah.  My husband's parents were bee keepers and where we live, the previous owner kept bees.  I read this story to my Dad during his end-time and he really liked the story.  I love the DVD movie version too.

      "To Bee or Not To Bee [2006]" came to me in 2008 as a gift and I am currently enduring a living loss from the bearer of this adopted daughter.

      These 5 books...when I received them, and re-read and shared them many more times [palliative care scenarios]...I am going to go back... pluck out and merge all the original read, underlined words that captured my attention back then - the wise words that helped me and others with/during grief, soothed our souls......

      Ought to be revealing [1970 - 2015] - 45 year review of words in books that came to accidents...going to do this soon...

      Peace + Love Linda


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