I dreamt I was in a classroom. The teacher wanted us to measure a big ball of multi colored rope. She was cussing as she unwound it which surprised me. All I had to measure with was a tiny ruler on a pocket knife. I asked for help from a guy at work named Art. He was finished already but wouldn't help me. I flung my keys against the wall in anger. I can see the coiled string of many colors as an alchemical serpent path. As a scientist, I tend to straighten and measure.

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  • The multicolored ball makes me think of the multi-colored "earth" sphere Eva showed that sits at the bottom of the Tree of Life. The name "Art" can't be coincidence, nor can the image of the "keys"... Wondering what "alchemical art" might work as a key to grounding us in earth? unraveling the earth plane? I like your idea of the serpent path and certainly see the need for transformation for all of us on earth as the ecological and socio-cultural crisis grows...

  • Beautiful!  I also have strong scientist tendencies. Edinger (1985) says, “measurement, numbering, weighing, and quantitative consciousness in general belong to the operation of separatio," 

    How else can you measure?

    • Good morning everyone - I was outside all day yesterday in nature for it was warm, beautiful sunshine, cutting grass [we maintain 5 acres surrounding our home, the rest is forest].  I fell asleep early, hence I'm up early, before the birds are singing...asking me about how I measure....how deep is your valley?

      I do consider the intrinsic and extrinsic value or worth of the matter [need], for myself/other while keeping in mind there is always time [on my side/running out] factor.

      It is also good to know the weight [depth/breath] of the matter [how heavy the load], my grasp of the matter at hand, be it animate/inanimate object in nature, the levels or the fields involved...is this a little or big ticket item that has captured my attention... and I typically have a period of time where "I do not know" for basically all is simply complex...and simply just acknowledge that truth [I am not and can not know-it-all], so I lift it all up to the heavens, contemplate and meditate on the matter... to follow where it may go, take me...assessing that which is reasonable for me to carry/offer on my own, that I need help with while envisioning the dream or light at the end of ...the task of the matter at hand...working, moving in whatever direction I need to go to achieve some semblance of change...short [quick fix], intermediate [stability, balance] and long term [harmony] gains and losses for the internal/external resource stores available....  

      I check out my sense, the texture or the feel of it all, paying attention to wholistic [mind-body reactions/responses], work on my reactions [own them] and try to remain open to receive any whispers/messages [synchronicity] of/from my little micro within the macro [get a picture, vision] and test it in my heart [discern] the spirit-of-the-matter....OMG, too heavy for so early...going to finish reading a book I am enjoying...      

    • clarification on the 5 acres we maintain of the 16 we live in [so fortunate]; there is not 5 acres clear cut but variable clearings N, S, E and W around the home, garage, wood sheds/piles, C-Can, flower beds and lots of trails to get to something, places we walk, visit and store stuff and the rest is deep woods that my husband manicures - the dead fall...anyways...when I was finished cutting and travelling some of the paths [we or the animals have made], I was covered in a fine film of dust/dirt/soil [it's too dry;  fire bans], so I had a shower and prayed, hope for rain...

  • Interesting it is a female teacher who asks for the measure.   I found this article concerning the ball of multicoloured rope.

    we are the weavers of our destiny.pdf

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