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I was looking for some more information about Hermes and came across the Alchemy Journal web site with a number of really good articles on Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet.

While these are slightly outside the scope of this particular webinar series, I thought some of us might be interested. In particular, I was provoked by the article, The Hermetic Significance of Planetary Changes  that correlates the increase in natural disasters on Earth with a "Hermetic viewpoint" of conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports"—event suggesting, "The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are also altering because of this." [last paragraph]. Remember, in alchemy, every thing is symbolic--so while the article suggests that the shifts in the energy of the sun/solar system may or may not be possible to prove, the theory can still be applied from a psychosymbolic perspective to the individuation process (including the collective individuation as a culture/species) as well.

Check out the article here

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  • May 28, 2015 – Musings on Dreams, Prayers + Contemplations:

    To add to Bonnie - Inside/outside the scope of this particular webinar series…interest…provoked…increase in natural disaster on Earth/increases in depth of my personal Trauma/Healing Vortexes manifesting in natural nature, energetic shape-shifting Harmonics of RNA, sun/solar + psycho-spiritual symbolic triune being individuation + the collective unconscious/consciousness – multi-dimensional transformations + transmutations  - timeless [time zero]….


    After I sent Bonnie my last email, I went for a break and heard an unusual bird song - unseen but somewhere out there in the forest– a sweet 5 seconds of shrilling, thrilling musical notes…I may not have time to read this article but I thank you…and I will leave the knowledge + wisdom of the cosmos, gods + planetary changes in yours and others in our community capable hands with like-minded interests and try to stay with all I am into /holding of healing spaces… OMG this is so cool and awe inspiring, divinely lead right now for all of us.  Peace + Love Linda

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