my grandfather and Hermeticism

Hi All,

My grandfather's grave site shows some strong Hermetic influences, I would like to share it with you and would be very interested to hear what you think.  Also, I am sharing a you-tube video on Alchemy and Hermeticism that looks very good.

Best wishes,

Nükhet Kardam

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  • Hi Bonnie, Yes, my grandfather was a medical doctor, and he lived in the same time period as Jung but he died at age 59. As most educated people of his time, he was not just a doctor, but a poet, a journalist, a writer and a professor of public health. As for the interpretation of the grave site, I have received a number of answers that link it to Hermeticism, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry and Metempsychosis.

  • Hi Nükhet. That gravestone is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I definitely get the triangle (pyramid, in this case_ and the nearby cube as well. It reminds me about what Eva said how the Tree of Life was engraved or painted on the side of the one of the pyramids of Egypt (Great pyramid, I think she said). 

    What did your grandfather do, do you know? Is that the title of "Doktor" on the pyramid? Interesting--he was born just two years after Jung and so lived at the same time, though he died quite young, didn't he?

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