There is comfort for me within this small closed group, especially this August  - my birth month – typically is a time of deep reflections concerning all that has transpired since the New Year winter melting into spring, mid-summer delights, and the getting ready for summers end with the return of fall, thanksgivings and vision for a new direction to walk in newness of life for the New Year approaching.

I shall remember 2015, as the year I greatly exposed myself within 2 virtual landscapes  - Goggle+ and DPA.  Since completing the uploading of the majority of Goggle+ photo images into my 3 personal healing albums, plus the community TOG albums; today I noticed a file named “My Sojourns” and there are 13 photo images and 4 posters [images with words], which I have not uploaded – yet.  I will simply trust the timing is not right [for me]...more deeply embedded mysteries with these images I am unable to share with others...right now...for no doubt good, unknown reasons - yet...

I notice a shift in presenting, manifesting alter state material this past year…less day/lucid dreams and locutions and more nighttime dream content.  Perhaps it is simply that now that I have formally retired from the helping professions, faced a few of my old adolescent fears, I am free to be and allowing all of me to come forth, especially the mysteries of all the anomalous + phenomenal experiences I have been humbled and privileged to witness. After all - the numinous has surrounded my life.

Now seems to be the right time to get into the deepest contemplations affordable to me.  If I was not happily married and so in love with Tom + our lifestyle; I would be on a hermitage right now.  And I simply notice, I live in a beautiful place: small comfortable home built on a serene piece of land, a small acreage in a forest reserve area.  And all I need to do is simply tell myself I have arrived…and be on my hermitage right here + right now, plus perhaps if you are interested, virtually share in this small group as Eva so graciously invited me to do.

Today, I would like to share my June 22/15 – night time dream content:

We [DPA small group] were finishing up on the creation of oblong squares – thermal tabs to wear on the outside of our clothes on the right and left sides of our body, parallel to our energy centre.  The purpose is to be able to visually see, pick up on the heat rays [colors] of another approaching, coming into the causal body aspect of our energy field and observe the changes in the thermal tabs as we merge our energy fields.  We're in each other’s presence trying them out.  A message came and was. "it's OK to speak!  I awoke feeling really good.

Have a great day.  Peace + Love Linda

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    • My apologies I am unable to upload the image of the "Older Generation Women."


    My 1st month holding this hermitage cyberspace felt excitingly overwhelming concerning how and where to begin, so I decided to continue to simply notice what came my way [touched me deeply in my heart-of-hearts].  Upon review of the images not utilized in my photo albums, this image about the “older generation” now speaks deeply to me for the presence and majority of older women in my life are but distant memories for all have died, except for 2 Aunties [one each, Mother, father sisters] who are now frail, in their 80’s and no longer interested in reflecting and discussing historic family life.  

    This is why I am reaching deeply inwards/outwards, making an effort to recall significant pieces of information noteworthy [fragmented details] overheard across my lifespan which may help me understand the feminine perspective, collective mystique surrounding our lives while I still have the cognitive ability and capability to do so.  I am fortunate to have my health and willing to take the time to go into the depths and document some of the elements, phenomenal mysteries I have experienced and/or witnessed to date.

    My baseline text is A Little Book of Women Mystics by Carol Lee Flinders gifted to me in 1997.  The 6 women mystics’ lives, condensed and discussed are Hildegard of Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Julian of Norwich, Saint Catherine of Genoa and Saint Teresa of Avila.   Before I read Flinders interpretation of their life stories, I want to briefly review the scant, but pertinent details I gleamed of the real life stories, surrounding mysteries of a few of my ancestors. 

    All of my grandparents immigrated to Canada from Europe. 

    9142841458?profile=originalI was told my paternal grandparents lived “behind the iron curtain - the Old Ukraine – a place called Bukovyna [Bukovina was annexed by Romania and Carpathian Ruthenia was admitted to the Czechoslovak Republic as an autonomy].  My father told me to not talk about the war or the Polish people, and I never did find out why.  His mother Olga, my Baba came across as a strong woman [mind, body and spirit] to me.  She was a devout religious matriarch [plus financial leader, landowner corporation] for new family life in Canada.  I have her amazing passport photo: the young peasant woman who escaped from Bukovyna, immigrated to Canada to marry, help found The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Ivan Suchavsky in Winnipeg, MB, which is now a Heritage Building with a plaque honouring St. John of Suchava – “You filled your life with good works, charity and feverent prayer…” The Cathedral of St. John Suchavsky in Winnipeg, which was part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in North America. Since 1995 it has been a distinguished parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which established communion with the Patriarchate in 1990. The Ukrainian Women's Association of this Parish has as its patron the renowned Ukrainian writer from Bukovyna, Ol'ha Kobylians'ka, who participated in the pilgrimages to Suceava.

    9142840901?profile=originalIt was the martyrdom of St. John rather than his eloquence or his status as a merchant that keeps him alive in the memory of his brothers and sisters in the Church. This was no tragedy but a heroic and victorious event in which John of Trabzon and later Suceava offered his life as an example of faithfulness and love to the One Who offered His life for all. Glory to Him!

    I remain grateful Baba invested one summer in my formative years to teach, hand down her village Ukrainian Easter Egg designs to me sharing some of the folklore and meanings behind the images, colors and symbols.  She also showed me ‘censored’ letters from her sister who remained in the old country.  At this time, I was a mere 11 years old - to young to know [baby of the now 4th generations] I would be called to serve my brother during his death bed vigils [final August1992], and the breaking of what I call - great-grandfather’s ‘death bed vigil secret’ – sins of the father, family curse.  I definitely needed to do deep diving into the traumatogenic material of my ancestry for my brother’s sake plus my own healing and hope current and future generations would be the benefactors.

    My maternal grandfather [Fabbro] immigrated from Sicily, Italy and married my maternal grandmother, Anne Krevac.  To date, her maiden name has no known country, nationality or ethnicity origin; however, I was told she was Czechoslovakian.  Grandpa Fabbro died mid-life [age 52] from brain cancer during the beginning of WW2, and before I was born.  Grandma Gregor [interesting we called her by this surname] also died young when I was 13 years old [my 1st funeral].  There are lots of autoimmune diseases that manifested within this bloodline.

    9142841664?profile=originalI remember particular parental disagreements when my father would refer to my mother’s bloodline and blame her “Czecho-Diego blood,” especially when she was passionate about something.  He would also speak about “wandering Gazonas” implying gypsy, grass roots people.  My mother was a devoted, loving, passionate and vibrate woman to age 35, when she became gravely ill with a rare autoimmune disease [2nd case in Canada].  She loved to dance, listen to Mario Lanza: and Gene Kruppa  She was very tender hearted and spiritual having experienced both an apparition [Christ at her bedside] and a blessing [also during illness] as a patient while admitted into St. Boniface Hospital praying to the saint – Margaret d’Youville, founder of the Sisters of Charity.  

     I truly have been blessed and surrounded by much mystery across my lifespan.  During my formative years, we were poor, lived in the Point Douglas area and got our clothes from the Salvation Army.  My Dad was a WW2 veteran discharged with a back injury [jumped off a burning building].  Post-war and during the Great Depression, he delivered telegrams for the CNR on a bicycle and stated all that fresh air cured his TB.  We all [parents, 5 children] lived in a one-room cottage until Dad entered his lifetime career as a firefighter [retired a Chief].  We always had a summer vacation at the beach and were well clothed, feed with a great cuisine [Ukrainian, Hungarian and Italian].  I spent my entire childhood living on the same street, as my whole extended family for my grandparents now owned a whole block on Lily Street.  I was raised by my tribe and have wonderful memories of huge family feasts.  My Dad was an excellent provider and family man [in my opinion].  He was my hero and together, my parents taught me about the enduring power of love, especially in the midst of the many trials and tribulations life delivered our way. 

    As I write this today, I know I cant to be surrounded by mystery and believe my Baba and my mother were women mystics.  In 1998, I embarked upon my second pilgrimage to learn more about Saint Marguerite d’Youville for this was the time my mother recalled some of the details of the day I was born.  At this time, I wanted to honour my mother for remembering and believed my Grandma Gregor walked with Margaret d’Youville.  When I met and shared my story with the Sisters of Charity in Calgary, they chuckled…knowing in real time, this was impossible for this saint was born in 1701 and died in 1771!

    Flinders acknowledges a chronic historic problem in that the spiritual experiences of women are suppressed, marginalized resulting in a profound thirst.  She asserts that when we find our way back to historic women who challenged the constraints of their time, tapped into and gave voice to the vast richness of their interior life, spiritual quests are profoundly revitalized.  This is how I feel today – revitalized.

    Flinders notes the revolutionary significance and centrality of Christ’s humanity and his very flesh in medieval times – Christ’s broken, bleeding body, the triumph of His resurrection and the mystery of redemption.  She asserts the central fact those women’s lives as mothers mirror and literally “incarnate” spirit, bleeding and suffering to give birth, and rejoice at the outcome!  Peace + Love Linda


    Bukovina is a historical region, variously described as in Central or Eastern Europe. The region is located on the northern slopes of the central Eas…
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