Reflections on the First Webinar

What an amazing session tonight! I learned to much about the Tree of Life, an arena I have no real experience with. Eva's wealth of knowledge was so compelling, and the images she brought so vivid and rich. I am looking forward to watching my dreams tonight to see if a Hermes-like character shows up...or perhaps there will be trees of various kinds.... 

Hope everyone will share dreams that you feel might be connected, or even symbols from waking life.

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  • The 2nd wheat image is found and here it is:


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    Basics - Simply Complex photo by azkorri. 033reto copy.jpg
  • Thank you Eva and Bonnie.  I watched the amazing video from the first webinar thursday night and am noting before and after synchronicities.  I will write more after I read the papers.  At my home in California I live with oaks, laurels, and redwoods.  I am currently staying at my childhood home and am noticing the millions of maple seeds falling from the trees this spring.  Today while looking at a magazine, I was surprised/shocked to see an advertisement about alchemy and cereal.

    • Exciting to notice what's (probably always) happening out "there" when we truly take the time to notice and regard the images that are showing themselves to us. We didn't talk about seeds in the first session, but they are certainly a crucial part of the process of growing a tree! Hopefully this series and the group convening here will plant seeds for all of us in our journeys--where-ever we each may be at this point in time.

      Would love to hear more about the alchemy and cereal if/when you find the time. That seems like a leap--but on the other hand, I guess the connection is grain...also related to seeds, of course....

    • More synchronicity - 2 images of wheat are in the 150 photos of my 50th Career Celebration/Retirement from the professions.  Shall I share them here?   

    • Sounds lovely! Please do share them here if you can, Linda! What an image of abundance....

    • Hi Bonnie - uploading unique earth, 1 wheat and I tree.  Unable to find the other's hiding.  Peace + Love Linda


    • Thank you for this, Lynn. I am very excited and curious about the synchronicities that are arising...

      I am very appreciative that you are enjoying watching the video again. Bonnie did an amazing job editing, especially in light of the fact that I was not looking into the camera much of the time! LoL. I have much to learn about webinars and cameras.

      Yes, it does seem that the term "alchemy" has made a resurgence into our culture; in all its manifestations...hopefully, we, together can imbue the term with life and meaning that includes and transcends cereal. I guess this means that "alchemy" is truly a "household" word. :-)

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