• You have to copy and paste the whole link. It won't work by clicking on it because the whole link isn't hyperlinked...but cutting and pasting will get you there...

    • Thank you Laura

      I think it is all up there now. At least all the Powerpoint images for the first two webinars are here. They were too large originally to send but I think I tackled that part. Hopefully, I will remember what I did.


    • Hello All,

      It seems that the link to the images is not up there after all. I am so sorry. Back to the drawing board..

  • Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much. :-) I know. Bonnie has posted a "how to class and I am working with it and I should have things figured out in the next few days. The file is very large.

    ...almost there.


    Keynote makes it easy to create beautiful presentations. Work together in real time on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone—or use Keynote on
    • Good afternoon Eva tried to download says the link is unavailable...

    • I know...sorry about this..Linda. I am still trying to figure out how to post the image. Hang in there..

      Btw; I just received your seed beautiful! Thank you. I love the sun streaming onto the wheat and turning everything golden.

    • Hi Eva - I had trouble too trying to send images...glad you got the wheat and hope the earth + tree arrived too...I have not named them for my post and if you can use any or all of them, please do for I will not be uploading them into my photos...what would one name that tree?  

    • I tried the link again and now it says error...

  • Hello All,

    stayed tuned, I am having some technical difficulties in my learning curve on loading the Slides.

    Do not give up. I hope to have this figured out by the end of this week..(being now, May 28th, Thursday).

    Slides are now waiting in the Astral plane for download..

    Thanks for your patience and your participation with us!

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