• Hi Laura,

    I finally was able to load the image that you asked for with the planetary placements (as I have designated them; of course, other versions of this are used also).

    • Thanks Eva...I haven't had as much time recently to participate. This image carries a lot of information. I am wondering how Chiron fits into the image. Marie Louise Von Franz, said “the wounded healer IS the archetype of the Self [our wholeness, the God within] and is at the bottom of all genuine healing procedures.”

      Chiron travels between Saturn and Uranus, crossing their orbits. When he travels around Jupiter and Saturn and moves out towards Uranus, is he perhaps the link between the personal planets, through Jupiter/Saturn, to the transformational planets?

      As such, the mythology of Chiron as it lives in each person and through their journey is critical to the unfoldment ...dying to self.

    • Hi Laura

      Very interesting point that you bring up here about Chiron. I think it is a wonderful question and open to speculation and imagination. Because the original designations on the Tree of Life included only as far as Saturn. It has been often debated amongst Esoteric scholars as to the correspondences to the transpersonal planets. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto have been designated to different sephiroths. I use these because the make sense to me but in actuality I moved them on this particular image years ago to where they made sense to me. Some systems don't even use the three outer planets on the tree at all. As far as Chiron goes, it is open to play as it is a comet and wasn't known until 1971. Having said that, it is fun to play with it and "imagine" where it might fit. I wonder if it would fit lower down on the tree near Yesod which corresponds to the Ego. I place Pluto in Daat which is the invisible Sephiroth and actually sits behind the tree but is called "knowledge" and is also the abyss which spans the space between the Archetypal triangle on the top and connects to the philosophical and material planes/triangles below.

      Anyway, lots of room for play here...and thanks it is a great question to ponder as Chiron is a bridge between the personal and transpersonal planets...

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