The Tree is a Spiral

I just listened to the recording of class 2 which was so wonderful.

One of the things that really clicked with me is that the tree is a spiral if looked at from top down or bottom up and I wanted to share some images from the internet.

I thought first about Georgia O’Keefe’s painting of The Lawrence Tree seen at this link along with a picture of the actual tree:

The tree has a kind of spiral feeling to me.

Here’s a link that talks about the correct way to display The Lawrence Tree in case you’re interested. I guess it’s often shown upside down!

This link shows Gustav’s Klimt’s painting of the Tree of Life. What I love most about this link is that the person who wrote it teaches kindergarten and had her kids paint trees with gold paint on brown paper after she showed them Gustav Klimt’s painting of the Tree of Life. After they painted the trees they decorated them. They are quite wonderful. For me they have a feeling that is primitive, alchemical, and magical. And they are so filled with energy and life. I’d like to have some (or all) of these paintings to hang in my house.

Finally, here’s a sketch of the Home Tree Spiral from the movie Avatar:

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  • Good morning All - like Judy, I also re-listened to #2 and it warmed my heart to see that is was the whole picture/sound, and say special thanks to Bonnie for making this happen...Able to hear so much more second time around and.... Judy sending all the wonderful images...loved your comment "I guess it's often shown upside down"....and how is that way perceived, symbolised...are their any representations of the "backward being" travel - tree out there...maybe I'll create one????                                                                               Thanks soooo much Peace + Love Linda

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